Call Of Duty Gets The Most 420 No Scope Mode Ever

Call Of Duty Gets The Most 420 No Scope Mode Ever

Just in time for the day after Christmas, Advanced Warfare has added a new team-based multiplayer mode that’s all sniper rifle action, all the time. You can start playing right now — provided you can get online, of course.

The new mode is called “One Shot.” In a blog post, Advanced Warfare developer Sledgehammer describes it as “a brand new snipers-only game mode with decreased health and highly specific classes.” It has five different sniping classes that the studio says were created in collaboration with the famed Call of Duty pro player NaDeSHoT.

In no particular order, the new classes are…



Hard Scope:


And Zoomed:

As the loadouts show, all of the classes use the MORS bolt-action sniper rifle. There aren’t any secondary weapons either. That means they really weren’t kidding when they said “one shot.” Also that the differences between classes come down to their non-shooty pieces of equipment.

Here’s a video from YouTuber NobodyEpic, who got a chance to play already:

Looks like there’s a lot of room for racing around, trying to out-flank one another. The fact that it’s all one shot-based means that it has a particularly frenetic, staccato rhythm to its running-and-shooting dynamic. In other words: it’s like a montage video, only you’re actually playing it. Sounds like a cool bit of fan-service, considering that NobodyEpic said that the sniper rifle is currently the only gun in Advanced Warfare that has its own community. Fun!

Sledgehammer said that it’s turning on Double XP for the whole weekend of One Shot’s premiere. In light of the ongoing connection problems many Xbox and PlayStation gamers are experiencing right now, Sledgehammer boss Michael Condrey said over Twitter that the studio is considering extending the time period that the experience bonus is active:


  • Call of Duty has always attracted the “dudebro” crowd but now the creators are actively catering for them. I mean come on “hardscope”? That’s the word 13 year olds scream at you when you spend more then 3 seconds looking down the sights before a kill. What a joke… I tried to like you CoD, but I am out.

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