Capture Pokémon In A Totally New Way On The Oculus Rift

Forget about pressing buttons. In this fan-made Pokémon demo, you get to actually pick up the Pokeball with your hand, and throw it at the Pokemon you want to capture. Whoa.

It's not the most robust thing — battle animations are limited, and we only see one encounter from the same angle. And why is Magnemite hiding in a bush of all things? Still, in spite of being a tad rough, what tipatat has here feels exciting. It makes me think about the sorts of what Pokémon could be as a full-fledged virtual reality game.

In case you're curious, this isn't just the Oculus Rift here. The demo also uses the Leap Motion — used for motion control — and Voice Attack, so that you can vocally tell your Pokémon what to do. It's a more sophisticated version of Hey You Pikachu!, something that Nintendo should bring back. Until they do, demos like these give us but a small taste of what a "next-gen" Pokémon game could be like. Ah, one can dream.

You can download this demo, as well as learn how to play this on the Oculus Rift, here.

Pokemon in Virtual Reality! Gameplay of Pokemon VR for Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, and Voice Attack [misterbunbun]


    I would point to the commands. Like *points* "Go, Pikachu! Use Thunderbolt." Or, voice commands... Whatever tickles your fancy,

      Voice commands and simulated pokeball action? Nothing says "shut up and take my money" more than that concept!

    As close to a non-handheld Pokemon adventure game as I can get?


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