Cheating eSports Team Now Officially Called 'We Are Sorry'

Cheating eSports Team Now Officially Called

An esports team formerly known as Arrow Gaming, successful in South-East Asian DOTA 2 tournaments before a match-fixing and betting scandal undid them in October, is returning to competition. Only with a more repentant name.

Having left Arrow Gaming behind - who are now reforming with an all-new roster - the five busted competitors are starting their own team, and will now be known officially as "We Are Sorry".

While the move might help relations with more compassionate fans, it may not help them in terms of getting back into more serious DOTA 2 tournaments, because some have removed them from competitions while others have banned them for life, name change or not.

The organiser of one tournament that has let them in, the Vietnam Champion League Season 2, says they have been allowed to compete because "I believe in them. People make mistakes daily. If no one will forgive them, they might have to stop playing."

Ex-Arrow Gaming Players reform as We Are Sorry [GOSU Gamers, via Daily Dot]


    When this happened in brood war, the hite sparkyz team was gutted, the players were fined, banned from competition and had to do community service. 'We're sorry?' yeah, no thanks.

    SEA Team, They'll disband soon enough,

    “If no one will forgive them, they might have to stop playing.”

    Fine by me.

    people are fighting so hard to have esports classified as real(?) sports and when people do naughty things like this in real sports they get heavy heavy fines and other punishments.
    i say life bans should be enforced plus heavy fines

      Cheaters in real sports don't get life bans

        Worse. Match fixing for betting in real sports gets you arrested.

          I agree. It should have criminal charges brought against them for match fixing. They are no different to those cricketers from a few years ago.

      Even John Hopoate wasn't banned for life for onfield sexual assault (but he should have been).

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