'Christopher Walken' Calls Xbox Support

'Christopher Walken' Calls Xbox Support

Picture the scene: Christopher Walken gets home after a long day filming. He kicks back, wants to relax with some Destiny on Xbox One, but can't. Because he's been "hacked". So Walken — or in this case, an excellent impersonator — makes the dreaded call to Xbox Support.

It's better that the lady on the other end doesn't get it. Because we wouldn't have got to six minutes of Walken if she had.

Oh, and a warning: there's some NSFW language ahead.



    Can't watch it at work... Is it the same guys who do walkenthroughs? I miss those.

    Before I view it I hope there's a bit about a pocket watch

    That was hilarious, first time I can recall ever laughing at something on youtube in a looooong time.

    At first I thought it wasn't going to be funny and then I couldn't stop laughing. Great find!

    I have had calls like that but with angry people not with impersonations

    This stuff is easy to do to American call centers, they just have Zero humor in that country, and don't get the idea of taking the piss out of someone... Why So Serious?...

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