Counter-Strike Player Never Stood A Chance

We've all been there: that moment when you know in your gut that you're totally, utterly screwed. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Tarik found that out the hard way, in the video above.

The original highlight (minus the additional editing) can be seen here. You can follow Tarik on Twitch here, and Twitter here.

via r/youtubehaiku, r/globaloffensive


    Yep I've experienced that round the corner and holy shit batman there's like 5 guys all comin at me! P90 SnP don't fail me now!

      Yep, happened to me last night. With no back-up I ran around a corner on De_season past B and bumped straight into a horde of Ts. I fired off a round or two from my P-90 but I simply had no chance. I went down in a blaze of gunfire.

      Vale anonymous CT, 2014. #NeverForget

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