Custom CryEngine 3 Environments Are The Best

Custom CryEngine 3 Environments Are The Best

CryEngine’s various iterations are great for 3D art, as we’ve seen timeandtimeagain. And by god, this one’s just beautiful.

The map was created by environment artist Joakim Stigsson, who’s worked on Crysis 3 and the upcoming Homefront game. It contains a mountain lodge and its surroundings, rendered, of course, in stunning detail. My crappy GIF at the top doesn’t really do it justice, so go ahead and watch the three showcase vids.

This one’s the day version:

This is the night version:

And here’s the third, a 60 FPS flythrough video of the night version, if you’re into that kind of thing:

There’s a whole bunch of screenshots too. Check ’em out below.

[CE3] Mountain Lodge [Polycount Forums]


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