After Christmas Outage, Xbox Live Back, PSN Down For Maintenance 

After Christmas Outage, Xbox Live Back, PSN Down For Maintenance 

Xbox Live is working across the Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms this morning, a day after the service was down for many. But the PlayStation Network was down for “maintenance” on the PlayStation 4, according to a system message.

Xbox Live appeared to come back to something close to normal functionality late Christmas night, finally allowing Xbox One users to log into Xbox Live after a day of spotty service, at best.

Here’s the latest status update for Xbox Live:

After Christmas Outage, Xbox Live Back, PSN Down For Maintenance 

As of 11:00pm ET last night, I had been able to log onto Xbox Live on my Xbox 360 but could not on my Xbox One. Without being able to log in, I couldn’t download games, play online or even access the pinned app icons on my system dashboard, which are saved in Microsoft’s computing cloud.

PSN had been working on my PS3 last night but not on my PS4, preventing me from accessing the PlayStation store or play games online.

Sony’s PSN status page has itself been slow to update, displaying a Dec 24 status for much of yesterday and now displaying a Dec 25 status:

After Christmas Outage, Xbox Live Back, PSN Down For Maintenance 

Sony did also Tweet this overnight:

Lizard Squad through DDoS attacks

A Microsoft rep declined to tell Kotaku yesterday why Xbox Live was down. Sony has not replied to our request for comment.


  • Lizard squad need to be found and tried at the Haige for war crimes. Seriously, how low is it to attempt to ruin kids Christmas’. I’ll answer that, it’s too low. Scumbags.

    • i feel sorry for sonys customers including little kids who have a ps4 as their second games console, also ty lizard squad i now cant get the anti diva paige so ty for upsetting a 23 year old autistic man buying psn just to get the anti diva paige ( btw that 23 year old autistic man is me ) :'(

    • Just finding them is pointless if sony and microsoft really wants to keep us as their customers they should get them back by banning their accounts for 10,000 days. That in turn will be well served justice, but both these companies are leeches since they would rather have us suffer, so they can get more money out of our pockets.

  • Yeah, really want to get onto PSN store to nab some holiday cheapies… Alas, I cannot 🙁

    *goes back to binging on Turkey and Breaking Bad*

  • I managed to purchase and download tomb raider on Christmas day but lost connection to PSN altogether yesterday, continuing this morning. weird.

  • If it is hackers, they must feel like big men now. Really tough and manly.

    It’s a very low form of criminality. When its done for no personal gain its simply destroying peoples fun and money for your….. amusement? Its a little psychotic really.

    • Not hackers, just script kiddies looking for attention. They claimed they’d put services back online if their tweets were re-tweeted and people started following them. Pretty sad that someone feels they have to go to such extremes just to be noticed.

    • If you want to blame anyone blame sony and microsoft for being pathetic in the sense that rather than banning these criminals accounts they are offering them with premium services if they never hack on to either network. I mean what kind of game software developing company does that one which has totally lost touch with its customers. At the moment i feel sry for both these departments sony and microsoft because consumer support for them is going to go down the drain due to their most absurt decisions of offering premium services to a bunch of low life cocksuckers.

  • Sony should just fire their own engineers and hire lizard squad cause their making them look like dicks

  • Its 11.20am in Perth Australia and still no access to xbox live. Dont know what they mean by saying it is back online coz im not seeing it here. Anyone with more up to date info?

  • The most frustrating part is that Sony’s gone completely silent. They’re not saying what’s going on or when it’s going to be back up.

    • Give them a break! If they’re silent, that means they’re working on it. Or they ran into an issue and trying to figure out how best to resolve this. Xbox Live may be back up, but they didn’t have the same issue. If it’s true that PSN goes down due to a massive number of new users after Christmas, that means that lots more kids got a PS4 or a PS3 for Christmas than the Xbox. An overload of users is no fault of Sony’s. They will fix this, just be patient and enjoy some offline gaming. Maybe this issue is really a blessing in disguise if you’re addictive to video games. You can stretch your legs, go out and run around the block and spend time with friends and family in person, instead of from across the Internet via console.

  • Psn has been out for me since dec24 and is still currently down for me and its dec 27 here In Japan. Smh

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