'Defective' Samus Figure Sells For A Lot On Ebay

The Samus Amiibo that accidentally shipped with two arm cannons instead of one wasn't just an exercise in maximum firepower. It's also proof that "defective" toys are often the most valuable.

The figure went up for sale on eBay last week, and has now been sold for $US2500.

Yup. $US2500. Which to some might sound bonkers, but remember, if it stays in the box this isn't a Nintendo trinket, it's a rare — maybe one-of-a-kind — collectible.

*Nintendo Factory Sealed Defect Samus Amiibo (Dual Cannons)* RARE [Ebay]


    Yeah, and I'm gonna glue the NFC from my Opal card to it.

    Joke will be on the winner when Nintendo sees the potential and starts releasing variants themselves.

    Like, double shielded Link!

    In a few years this could very well sell for $10,000 or more.

    Also I would love to see a mode in the next Metroid game where Samus is dual wielding.

      Yeah, I would probably have waited a few years before even considering selling this gem. It'll just get more and more valuable, especially if it turns out it is the only one (or one out of a few).

    give it 5 years, and it will be worth 10k. Easy. Just look at the older comics. There worth a ton of cash now. No reason this could go the same way.

    I call fake.

      It's not a photoshop job, and there's the actual EBay listing linked so how do you back up your claim?

        I retract my statement, I have just noticed it does indeed have two 'right' arms.

        Last edited 03/12/14 4:25 pm

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