Destiny Just Got Some Huge Changes

Destiny Just Got Some Huge Changes

Exotic items are getting a total overhaul. Upgrade materials are now purchasable with Vanguard and Crucible marks. The Templar can't be thrown off a ledge anymore.

If you understand any of those sentences, you're probably addicted to Destiny, a video game in which players spend thousands of hours farming for relic iron. And you'll be pleased to know that Bungie just released a patch that will bring a whole lot of potentially game-changing tweaks to the polarising shooter-MMO. Including one that could prevent us from ever again spending thousands of hours farming for relic iron.

Check out Bungie's site for the full patch notes, which mostly revolve around how Exotic weapons and armour have changed. Almost every Exotic weapon has gotten a tweak or a buff. Also, instead of upgrading Exotics with regular ascendant materials, you'll now have to use a new item called Exotic Shards, obtainable from Xur or by dismantling an old Exotic item.

And, perhaps most importantly:

  • Reduced Cryptarch reputation gain from Engrams, but reputation reward packages now have an increased chance for Legendary Engrams
  • Players will now be able to use Vanguard Marks and Crucible Marks to purchase Spinmetal, Relic Iron, Spirit Bloom, and Helium Filaments from the Vanguard and Crucible Quartermasters in the Tower
  • Xur now sells a new material, Exotic Shards, to upgrade the final node of Exotics for 7 Strange Coins

Huge. HUGE. If you're not psyched about the fact that we might not have to grind as much for materials anymore, then, well, you haven't played Destiny.


    Relic Iron runs are the worst. I will happily grind out a days worth of Vanguard/Crucible Marks to pay for that dam crap.

    Spiritbloom runs, easy. Spinmetal runs, Easy. Helium runs, easy. Not you though Relic Iron. You punk.

    Glad that the Mythoclast, Thorn and Juju are getting buffs/fixed though. Now I might actually pull Juju out of the vault...

      Relic Iron ain't so bad, had a pretty good loop on Mars.

        The one near the start of the patrol with Vex on one side and Cabal on the other? a therapeutic grind right there

      Looking around the caves and bunkers of the starting area of mars is actually pretty decent relic iron rate... never had a problem collecting it myself.

      Relic Iron is the easiest by far. Farm the big gate/fortress thing near the starting area. There's always relic iron in the area and tonnes of bunkers to raid for chests.
      By the time you've done a full loop of the area the chests have respawned.

      Last edited 02/12/14 8:46 am

        Yah I had a couple of runs. I think I've just had bad experience with the overall chances of them dropping/spawning. I mainly used the drop-off point at the patrol with the Cabal vs Vex as my main area. Then went into the Tharis Junction(?, the one with the Metro Tunnels) if that run proved unyieldy.

        Are there any others around that are decent?

          Best place I found was near the entrance to the Dust Palace. A couple nodes and chests outside on the approach from spawn, a couple nodes and chests inside, a couple nestled next to the building on both sides of it, then you can head down to the next speeder-tunnel for some more, loop back and hug the wall to go both inside the room and if you loop around to the yellow guys, jump up onto the ledge above it. Then head into the room where one of the story quests leads you, up some stairs - not so many nodes, but plenty of chests which frequently yield better than nodes. Best area I've seen in that you get constant return and by the time you're done, the stuff back near the entrance to the area has respawned.

            Oooh awesome. I'll give that a shot asap, thanks!

      i didnt mind relic iron farming. mars is my fave off world site.

      i cant stand farming for helium coils though. i hate the moon and the hive and all that grey crap. so grey. so uninteresting.

      I went Relic Iron farming yesterday and got like 40 in an hour whilst doing bounties. Once you know what to look for, they aren't any more difficult than the other mats IMHO

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    Here I was hoping they might let me sell the 900 plasteel plating I can never conceivably use. Oh well. Glad they finally brought in those exotic buffs. Bad Juju is a joke at present.

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    Dam, for a second I thought we could purchase ascendant shards, farming for those other materials is actually pretty easy.

      Agreed on farming. By I have 58 Ascendent Shards that I mostly got from two raid runs. Now I have fuck all to spend them on. Massive waste

    Not sure why the Mythoclast first got nerfed and now is having it's max damage raised above any other weapon in the game. Good to see Suros being nerfed a bit though. Every man and his dog (except for me) seemingly has it in the Crucible

      Some exotic item when its the best assault rifle in the game and every single person has it because Xur keeps dropping it for purchase =,=

        I think Xur should be a once in a while event like Iron Banner. To have a different exotic available to buy each week makes them more common than legendaries. Exaggerating a bit, but some weeks I won't get a single legendary drop but I know there's a guaranteed exotic waiting to be brought if I have the strange coins

          makes them more common than legendaries.
          I wouldn't call it exaggeration. Maybe it's because I mostly play crucible these days, but I run into way more epics than legendaries.

    Love Destiny update day.

      Agreed :) Until we run into the zubat cave of bugs unleashed as a result... Hopefully not though!

    Finally! I hate farming for materials! I'll probably jump a whole level tonight just from this, I have all the unlocks for a legendary helmet but need about 30 relic iron, now I can just buy it! :)

      Good change for people that don't farm (or just collect chests etc when in patrol) - Not sure what I am meant to do with the 248 Spin Metal I have now though :)

    Aww... was hoping that those shards would be used to upgrade an extra node to bring exotics above the 300 limit... Really glad I haven't DE'd my dupes yet, tho.

    They forgot to add stuff thats actually fun. So now, you dont have to grind? Whats left to do in this game, if you can buy everything?

      100% Agree - Even though they are tightning the cores of this game, the Core game was already fine Each planet has a low level strike, each of those strikes have a beginning area that spawns infinite resources in a loop (including Chests) It really didnt need to be bought from a shop when you can rack up 50+ of each material in 15mins or less - But it did to all the players who didnt/dont know you can simply do that.

      meanwhile for ALL The players who did know this weeks and weeks ago this patch and every other patch since Destinies RELEASE is nothing more symbols clashing together trying to create calamity. - Useless

    Wonder how much glimmer it will cost, will this mean we move from materials farming to glimmer farming? Which ever is faster I guess.

    I love the fact that the shitty exotics have been buffed. Thorn is my gun of choice for Crucible, so this will be great. Looks like I now have a reason to actually pull Bad JuJu out of here vault and give it a go.

    As far as being able to buy materials now, I have mixed feelings. There are times when I've agreed that being able to buy them would be nice. But I've gotten so used to farming whilst patrolling and doing bounties that I feel kind of bummed that people won't have to work for their mats anymore. I actually find farming to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. At least when doing it with friends and completing bounties.

    I don't agree with the new exotic shard crap. I have 58 Ascendent Shards that were mostly accumulated in the raid. Now they are all but fucking useless. I don't have many legendaries to upgrade with them. They completely changed the fucking economy of the game because noobs were whinging about having to work for their upgrades. Fucking crybabies. How about giving me an option to sell the 800 Hadronic essence I have uselessly stored up with nothing to spend it on.

      Just wait 6 more days man... 6 more days...

    I also saw (what I'm assuming to be) a new change with Crota's sword on Cosmodrome.
    I killed a level 20 Hive boss in Mothyards and managed to run around with the sword he dropped killing more Hive guys and generally having a good time smashing everyone until the sword self-destructs after about a minute or two.

    "You will now be able to use Vanguard Marks and Crucible Marks to purchase Spinmetal, Relic Iron, Spirit Bloom, and Helium Filaments from the Vanguard and Crucible Quartermasters in the Tower"
    At the cost of being able to turn mats into marks. Which means I need to play their piece of shit PvP if I want to get better gear. I would honestly rather spend an hour grinding for Spinmetal than step foot in that multiplayer cesspit.
    If they made the Crucible more balanced, or if they increased the rewards for finishing a game, I wouldn't have any problem playing it, but this update just changes the type of grind to something a lot less therapeutic.

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