Disney Can't Make A Movie About The Devil's Daughter Anymore

Briefly: Disney can't make a movie about the Devil's daughter anymore, because the Saints Row folks have beat them to it. The musical number from upcoming standalone expansion Gat Out of Hellshown to fans at PAX Prime this September is now available for all to watch.


    I'm getting massive uncanny valley chills from watching this...

    If there's more stuff like this in the expansion I might consider getting the base game and the expansion

    This just reminds me of the buffy sing along. So bad but so good. Damn I love the Saints games!

    Kinzie! Kinzie! KINZIE! ... And some other guy that's unimportant.

    The Devil and his daughter's relationship reminds me a lot of Mephisto and Heckate from Princess Knight.

    Last edited 05/12/14 10:00 pm

    Good on them for trying and it's not bad. But really it's not a patch on Up there by South Park.

    Booooo, classification for the video promised partial nudity and sexual themes. There were neither in this video.

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