DmC Is Getting An Improved, New-Gen Edition Next Year

Briefly: DmC — the 2013 reboot of Devil May Cry — is getting an improved, new-gen edition next year. Upgrades include an beefier framerate, enhanced graphics and tougher difficulties, along with all DLC bundled in with the March 17 release. More details here.



      I'm feeling the power of next gen.

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    Some big names and big games I can understand moving to the new consoles, but this?

    Yeah, this is getting old fast. I love DmC and this is still incurring a serious eyeroll from me. A year later, and next gen is still last gen.

    It's Capcom ... no surprises here. I'm expecting an RE4 port (not remake) for next-gen as well.

    I havent bought a new console yet, as havent found anything that has truely interested me that I havent played on my PS3.
    Until something fresh comes along that make a console a must buy, I think I'll just be sticking with Steam

      Same. Uncharted 4 is the only game i'm interested in that I can't get on PC, but no new IPs have piqued my interest yet.

      Buy a Wii U. I have all three and honestly, the Wii U by far offers the best entertainment consistently.

      A Wii U will very much compliment Steam with games that you can't get a better performing version of on PC.

    The real headline here some be DMC4SE is also coming 2015 to PS4xbone with playable Virgil. Yes. YESSSSSS!!!!!!

    Like my PC version of Sleeping Dogs, this will barely be a step up if at all of my PC version of DmC.
    Gotta love PC gaming!

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