Doom As An Isometric Shooter

Doom As An Isometric Shooter

I can see myself playing something like pixel artist Kracov's isometric, 2D version of Doom for hours, trying to blow up everything and marvel at all the detailed pixel-explosions.

And while there are working 2D mods for Doom (like the Fall of Mars mod, or the Roguelike) the details in this are just fantastic. Also, nice little reference to the first game's cover art in that top scene with the lone Doomguy cornered by Barons.

Doom As An Isometric Shooter

Doom: Planet of the Barons [DeviantART]


    I got a lot of enjoyment out of Doom RL. If you're a fan of Doom and dip your toes into rougelikes it's well worth a look.

    There is a fan project called Doom: Fall of Mars that is an actual Diablo-like. And by Diablo-like, I mean the original Diablo.

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