Dude Kills Arcade Machine With Badass Spinning Kick

Dude Kills Arcade Machine With Badass Spinning Kick

It's a boxing game, dude. You're breaking the rules. And by the look of that hit counter going berserk in slow-mo, you're breaking the game as well.

This guy is a member of King of Connexion. If you want to blow some time watching humans spin like video game characters, their YouTube page is perfect.

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    The display isn't going beserko, it's just the way the camera picks it up. I noticed this by accident when my slo-mo caught a service station sign in the shot.

    Wait...its a boxing game and he kicks?? Its may look cool but thats basically cheating isn't it?

    I can drive a truck into the machine, film it in slow-mo and probably get more tickets out of the broken machine too...

      Who cares? It's an arcade game! They've been cheating us ALL for years and years :) :)

      When I played that smack a crocodile game because it was mistakenly set to dispense stupidly high amounts of tickets. I never ever used the mallet and smacked them with my hands allowing me twice as many whacks.

      In all seriousness if you got 100, (which was easy to get using my above cheat) it dispensed 250 tickets. If you got between 81 & 99 it dispensed 20. After secretly exploiting it for years (the tricks where to never play it when they where watching, never cash in your tickets the day you played it and to always break the tickets into rows of 3 to 20.) Some moron found out and exploited the hell out if capping out 2000 tickets in about 45 minutes. He would have got more but it ran out. They fixed it, they also decided to change their ticket type and null all the old tickets out there.

      The moral to this story is never advertise these things as we had been scamming it for ages.

        Must have been a common exploit...I did the same thing on a smack the crab game when I was young...

    I worked in an arcade for 9 years, setting up ticket machine payouts was part of my job

    what you are describing there is called a "jackpot" not an exploit - its designed to give you lots of tickets for getting a perfect score.

    I've never heard of an arcade 'nulling' tickets - please explain what exactly they did..

    Edit - this is a reply to dknight above, what is wrong with this site where its not replying to the right comments?

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