EB Games Is Having A Massive Online Sale

Look it's no Steam sale. You're not going to find FTL in there for the price of a cup of coffee, but you might find a decent price on some AAA retail games. Go nuts people.

The flash sales are probably the best value for money and EB Games are dropping new ones every 30 minutes. The one running at time of writing is Shadow of Mordor on all current gen platforms for half price. I mean, that's pretty awesome. Those are definitely worth checking in for.

As for the ones that'll be up all day? FIFA 15 for $58 is alright. Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 is sorta good at $71, but weren't Target selling it for $68?



    Half price at EB?! So, only $65?!
    ...ok that was below the belt. I'm just jealous coz I'm broke.

    I think it was even cheaper than that at target. Only 64.

      $64 originally but on their new catalogue it has it at $72 with no indication that its been pulled from their shelves

      I got GTAV for $71 from this. I would have asked them to price match Target or Kmart, but since those clowns pulled it from their shelves, I would've had no leg to stand on. Still not a bad deal though.

        Price match BigW, i bought GTA V for PS4 for only 64 dollars last week! They advertised it for 78 but somehow it came out to 64!

    $52 Shadows of Mordor! XD

      I bought it for $35ish off Xbox Live during the Black Friday sales last weekend.

      Was going for US $30 on the US Store and I just bought a US points card online.

        That's a great idea, so you're downloading it rather than a disc copy right?

          Yeah its a 29gb download.

            This is my issue, I live in a place where the internet is provided free of charge to the owner because they work from home. However they get a 1mb download speed and 50gb cap, I just couldn't bring myself to download that on my current connection.

            One day I'll have the fastest internet known to man and I'll only purchase online!

              Moving to South Korea? ;)

                South Korea could work, BBQ and worlds fastest internet...

                  Bulgogi and soju... Korea's greatest exports, as well as mul naengmyun, Big Bang, G-Dragon, EXO, Kara, Orange Caramel, 2NE1, Girls' Generation.... ohhhhhhhh.... eughh... having a Korean-flavoured meltdown...

                  @zambayoshi I had to look a lot of those up (OK, all of them), I know K-Pop is huge but I didn't realize how many girl bands there are running around! From the looks of things you picked out some really good looking things, food and people both.. throw in some internet and I think I'll like it there! :P

      That's only $7 more than I paid for the PC Special Edition the week it was released!

        It would seem I've been had! Haha this is my punishment for being a console peasant and only comparing it to the prices I've seen when shopping physically ($89-99 for xbone).

        I have a great computer but I feel I would enjoy this more on a controller.

          Er... Use your controller on PC, that's what I do. Agreed that this didn't seem like a keyboard and mouse game.

      $41 for pc version

    Pokemans Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on sale till 10:00am for $44. Pffft I bought OR a week or two ago at target for $49. Such massive savings.

      "Must end 9:00am Sydney time!"
      *checks watch*
      *checks price*


        To be honest I didn't even look at the time it was ending, it's new deals every half an hour so I just assumed it was ending at 10. My guess is somebody made a typo.

      you jest but I just saved 20 bux on the 2 copies of each I just bought because I'm too lazy to put thought into presents for nieces and nephews.

    So their sale ends up around the same as ozgameshops regular prices. I know it's comparing an internet store to a brick store but still EB's RRP is way to high when half price on mordor ends up $50 and it's already $55 on ozgameshop.

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    Next one is Minecraft Swag 30% off. Was/am really hoping they drop the price of the Wii U but this is my first time participating in Mad Monday sales and so far the prices have been underwhelming

    I said this over at Gizmodo, but nobody is putting the WiiU on sale. :(

    EB are advertising it as "ONLINE ONLY. ONLY $429"..But...it was $429 last week for that same bundle when they weren't even having a sale. :(

    Loads of retailers are putting up deals for the Xbone + PS4 with lots of games included, but there are none for the WiiU. Give me some deals, guys! It's been out now for ages!

    Cheapest I've seen lately is at the Gamesmen - $419 for WiiU + MarioKart8 + Nintendoland.

      I actually picked up my Wii U earlier in the year when MK8 was released during a Big W sale...got the MK8 premium bundle + the free game deal they had going at the time + DKC Tropical Freeze for something like $419.

        I got the Wii U Mario Kart bundle that EB price matched to Big W sale price.

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      I don't think any retailers are going to discount the WiiU with Smash Bros just being released. However, the first half of 2015 looks like a good bet, as there aren't really any major releases, so there'll probably be some good deals to combat sluggish sales before it picks up again in late 2015 with the releases of StarFox and Zelda.

      I am after a Wii U deal as well, and have been disappointed by the lack of variety in bundles/price. The best one I have seen is at Target, they have the Mario Kart 8 preinstalled Wii U for $399. (Target also have a $429 one with Rabbids Land and Sports Connection but I don't really care about those games, nor NintendoLand.)

      The Gamesmen seem to be the only place where you can buy the Wii U with the physical Mario Kart8 DISC but its $429. I really wanted the one with the disc, but I'm not sure I can justify the extra $30 just for that so I think it's going to be the $399 Target one for me unless something better comes along in the next day or two.

        Yeah, unless EB have a flash sale on it today, I reckon I'm going to go for the $419 Gamesmen one. Ideally I'd like MK8 as a separate disc too, but I also want Nintendoland as well. So it looks like $419 is the best it's going to get.

        The WiiU + Smash Bros is going to be me and my bf's gift to each other for Christmas. It's just lame that no better deals are happening. :(

    I kind of wish they'd take Tales of the Abyss [3DS] off of their site. I've only seen it "In Stock" the once, and at $16 it's an absolute bloody bargain. It's just on their site to make me sad that I can't get it.

    Half of these prices are the same as Big W or target and Eb games already matches those prices if you can be bothered. This is just a way to trick parents that are Christmas shopping into thinking they're getting a great deal

    That PS4 8 game deal is pretty tempting ... I only really want 5 out of the 8 games, but I kind of really want those 5 games. And $698 is a totally decent price.

    $70 xbox live credit for $50 is actually pretty good (especially to use for some of the weekly discounts they have in the marketplace) ....everything else though, is average at best.

    -the 4x 2nd hand games for $20 is pretty good also.

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    whats with the gaps between 30 minute sales? 3 and a half hours of no "super deals"

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    I wish we could use the EB gift cards in the online store

    And it's . . . . wait for it . . . . . . waaaaiiit for it.............. Just like every other EB sale. The sale you have when you not having a sale.

    The Evil Within (PC) for $23 isn't bad, neither is FC4 Ltd. Ed. (PC) for $53.

    comparing notes with a friend, it looks like the best discounts are on PC stock and some of the loot - eg. Banner Saga is down to $16 (I think $23 in store currently), Wolfenstein is down to $23, and I grabbed XCOM Complete for $25 (their best in-store price is $36, and since it's a title hit hard by Australia Tax it's difficult getting a much better deal even online without jumping hoops to bypass all the regional roadblocks). I think even the Borderlands PreSequel was down to $36, which isn't too bad really.

    Prices aren't so good this time (some games were cheaper last year) but picked up a gamepad for my PC and Dark Souls II (the price, the reviews and the bonus mouse and mouse pad were too much!)

    So I guess it hasn't been too bad :P

    So far pretty much every game that has been on sale can be found at dse or jbhifi for around the same price or cheaper on the launch day.

    Pretty much every game released for ps4 has been $59 at dse on launch

    According to their FB page, EB will have 30 minutes of madness second chance from 7:30 pm (Sydney time) that will have all 30 minute specials repeated if there's something you missed!

    Damnit. I've locked eyes with that limited edition blue XBOX 360 console. I don't play my 360 much anymore and I don't want the games, but my XBOX 360 is getting old enough that I don't think it'll last much longer. If it goes on sale I'm going to struggle to resist one last upgrade.

    EB gonna EB. These aren't the sales I'm looking for.

    Ps3 worth buying? Or just get ps4 at some point?

    Wow! Some things are $10 cheaper than the competition!

    Woooo American prices.

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