Fan Is Turning Final Fantasy VII Into A Giant Novel

Fan Is Turning Final Fantasy VII Into A Giant Novel

You've played the game. Now read the novel.

Not even Square Enix has thought to turn classic RPG Final Fantasy VII into a book, but author M.J. Gallagher has, and for a few years now has been working to turn the game's dialogue and action sequences into something you can read on the bus.

I'll be honest: it's not going to win many literary prizes. But just in terms of sheer workload and determination, it's a piece of fan tribute worthy of applause

Fan Is Turning Final Fantasy VII Into A Giant Novel

It's not done yet - hey, it's a loooong game! - but what has been completed is free to download and reading in a variety of formats. You can grab them here.


    Imminent cease and desist in 3, 2, 1 ,...

    will optional side characters like Yuffie and Vincent be optional chapters/pages you can put into the book?

      You just jam the pages in depending on where you want to "meet" (i.e. recruited them originally) them in the story

        a five book choose your own adventure :) do you recruit Yuffie? go to page 245 book 3 if not go to page 10 book 2

    The story itself is pretty good, he/she'll just have to tweak the dialogue to make it more coherent and less cheesy and I could see that being readable (though I'd prefer to play the game, in truth). 6/8/9 would be even better books.

    That writing is pretty ugh. At the least, I hope fans enjoy it.

    I remember when I was in high school, someone on was writing up the whole game in text form. Which I guess isn't really fanfiction.

    It was an enjoyable read for someone who couldn't get enough of the game. I wonder if they finished it?

    im sorry but, i really feel like this game is just being milked simply because its an all time classic.

    pc port, ps4 "remake", and now a novel.

      PS4 release of the PC port, not a remake in any sense.

    Very stiff prose, too many adjectives, some run-in sentences. And that's just the first paragraph. Excellent writing exercise but nowhere close to be ready to show to anyone, let alone the public in general.

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