Film Trailer Made In GTA V Is Better Than Some Real Movie Teasers

Film Trailer Made in GTA V Is Better Than Some Real Movie Teasers

Y'know, Rockstar's open-world games would be a great place to make a goofy comedy about bumbling crooks…

The Most Wanted trailer clip from the folks at YouTube's Commandoflauge channel hits all-too-familiar beats that are standard fare for loads of criminal caper flicks. But, something about seeing those familiar plot points done in GTA V makes them feel funnier. Maybe it's how unrealistic everything feels by virtue of being done in a video game engine. If this wind up being a full-scale production, then it will be worth watching just to see how it actually gets made.



    Man, The Heavy must be killing it with royalties these days.

    If only I had the time, dedication and required savvy to do something like this.

    This look 100 times better than any of the action/comedy flicks available today. I would watch this so hard.

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