Final Fantasy VII's Scenes, Recreated By Over 100 Artists

Video: Still bummed out about Square Enix's major Final Fantasy VII tease on Saturday? Well, I can't help you there. But at least I can share this rad fan video, created over four months with the help of some 100+ artists, that essentially tells all of Cloud's story, from Midgar to the Promised Land. It's really cool. If you've got an hour to spare and feel like getting all nostalgic, check it out.


    Now there's a remake I could get behind. Touch up the main models and graphics, and then break the rest of the assets up into smaller areas and assign them to fans who have their own unique take on each scene/area. It'd still be a massive effort though.

      And when it's 95% complete, watch it get shut down by a cease and desist order!

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