First Footage Of The New Dragon Ball Z Animated Movie

First Footage of the New Dragon Ball Z Animated Movie

Next year, a new Dragon Ball Z movie hits theatres in Japan. The anime marks the return of the greatest DBZ villain, Frieza. Here's a first look at what we can expect.

The following was uploaded by YouTube user Tommda and originally appeared on Japanese morning show Mezamashi TV.

Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of F opens in Japan on April 18, 2015.

ドラゴンボールZ 復活の「F」の最新映像きたああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ [Viper]


    i thought they alreadyressurected him as cyborg frieza which lasted like 5 mins against all the super saiyans around that time

      Just normal Trunks (well from the future) slaughtered him with one strike of his sword.

      His dad, King Cold, picks his floating corpse up in space and reconstruct him into metal frieza.
      But yeah, didn't last long at all at the hands of Trunks, lol.

      So no, no one has yet resurrected him with the Dragonballs (as far as I'm aware.)

        oh dragonball ressurection i forgot about that

        even then

        should everyone be like SSSSSJXXIV by now

          Frieza was also resurrected in Dragon Ball, Fusion Reborn.
          Gohan one hit him with a punch, exploding him into a million pieces.
          Freiza I assume will be resurrected and made to be even more powerful to keep with the likes of Vegeta, Goku and Beelitz, otherwise it would just be dumb.
          I am looking forward to this movie, with more action scenes announced than in BoG it should be awesome sauce.

    It looks like everyone have been doing lots of training, plus it looks like beerus will be battling with freiza

    I really wonder how, if at all, they are going to explain the massive surge in power necessary to make him a threat to the post-Buu heroes.

      So far as i recall, they made mention during DBZ that all the fighters peaked in power during the Cell Saga and that Buu was comparable in actual strength to cell, but posed a much bigger threat since he was nearly indestructible.

      The Fighters in the Buu Saga never really surpassed the strengths they had prior while fighting Cell, with the exception (and necessity) of Fusions and the limited SSJ3 transformations. Even Vegeta who trained non-stop had to bargain for additional power to exceed Goku.

      With a prolonged period of downtime between Buu and the current films it's likely that the characters has slacked considerably and I doubt freiza has been Idol.

        That cannot be right, Goku SSJ1 (admittedly at its peak) was almost at the level of Perfect Cell. Goku SSJ3 had trouble with Buu even before he absorbed Gohan and the others and Majin Vegeta SSJ2 could do absolutely nothing against the earliest version of Buu, right after it separated from and absorbed good Buu, which was his weakest version.

      He's been living in hell hasn't he? Probably fights all the time in there.

      OR they cheat and wish him immortality, and Goku is just keeping him busy while the others try and undo the wish.

    It's really weird to hear the Japanese voices of all these characters. I mean these days I watch all of my anime subbed but I grew up watching DBZ on CheeseTV on Saturday mornings so it's just really strange to me

      I thought like you at first, then I discovered how much they babied the dialogue for Western dub. Now I watch it with Japanese audio and literal subtitles and I much prefer it. For example, there's one scene before fighting Cell where Piccolo is meditating with a sphere of energy around him to power up. Butterflies fly into it and get zapped. In the Japanese version Dende and Mr Popo marvel at how strong Piccolo is getting while the video shows the butterflies slowly die on the ground. The western dub has Dende fretting about how all the butterflies are dying and then uses his off-camera healing powers to save the butterflies lives. Same video for both, but the totally different audio between the two really shows how the original meaning was lost. Now I must sound like a total fanboy, but the western release really butchered the serious parts of DBZ.

        Wow crazy... Maybe I'll rewatch my favourite sagas subbed!

        I just really don't like Goku's Japanese voice. Now, I know why he has it, it's just grating on the ears

    Well when goku was training in the after life with king kai he surpassed his earthly limits and got revived stronger then ever and Frieza has been dead for many years and probably been training every day all day where as the z fighters haven't so when he is wished back he had the strength to go teo to teo

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