Four Times Dark Souls Skills Saved The Day

Who would have thought playing a bit of the ol' Souls would help you in real life? Here are four examples of people succeeding in everyday life after gitting gud.

In fact, some have even gone as far as saying the Dark Souls roll is impractical. Pish posh! Here's an MMA fighter who knows the score:

I think he might need to lighten his equipment load.

Sometimes PVPers will try to snipe you from up top, and then hammer you if you try to get up a ladder. That didn't work here:

We've all come across PVPers using the Chameleon spell to blend in with the environment. They're either very patient and wait for you to come to them, or they sneak up on you. If it's the latter, sometimes you barely see them as they get into place. Like so:

And of course, this Youtuber employs exactly the strategy I would, were I confronted with the likes of Sif.

That's right. A big, fat "Nope".


    Dat fat roll

    That roly poly gif still makes me laugh.

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