Ghosts 'N Goblins Sure Looks Grim As A Current-Gen Game

Dayshot: Ghosts 'n Goblins sure looks grim as a current-gen game. The shots are from a seven-week, eight-person student project where the goal was to "recreate the classic game with a next-gen look in Unreal Engine 4". Well, they succeeded. The fruits of their labours, a two-minute video and five HD shots, are below.

UE4 - ''Ghosts'N Goblins'' [Unreal Engine Forums]

Dayshot showcases some of the prettiest, funniest game-related screenshots and art that we can find.


    Graphics are interesting. Looks ok for 7 weeks. Needs a *lot* of work on the animation though.

    Can't help but feel a 2d approach with 3d graphics would've been better though...

    Ehhhh it's nice for a student project but that ain't GnG.

      I don't remember being able to walk anywhere in GnG for more than about 3 seconds without something attacking me with the sole purpose of stripping me of my armour, then killing me, then making me put another $1 in the machine.

      That said, I'd still probably still play anything with GnG name attached to it. At least for a little while, I say remembering the Golden Axe reboot.

        Yeah, where is the bit where the knight get hits and then has to run around in his boxers?

        Grab an emulator and play Maximo :)

          I forgot about Maximo. I do remember enjoying it, though.

          I have a Vita (and a PS3), so I probably don't need an emulator. Does it hold up? So many of those old games always seem shinier in your memory. I do remember playing the original GnG on MAME many years ago and enjoying it. For a little while, anyway. My tolerance for bastard-hard platforming has lessened as I've got older and grumpier.

            Yeah Maximo does hold up pretty strongly I'm happy to say.

        The only GnG I have is the one on SNES. For a while I was actually considering picking up a PSP for GnG Ultimate, among a few other things. Pretty much all old games like Mega Man and Castlevania, not much else in the PSP library interested me :P

          Super Ghouls'n'Ghosts was the best. I remember spending countless hours mastering each level, finally getting to the final boss, killing him - only to be told I had to complete the game AGAIN with a stupid amulet or something equipped.

          I still claim that I finished that game...

            Hahaha yeah. So much rage when that message came up :P

            But I went back and did it 8-)
            Even if I did have my lives turned up to max...

              There was an option for infinite lives?!

                Not infinite. I think it was a max of 9?

                Or... I can't remember now, there was an option for either lives or continues. Or maybe both.

                  Hmmm too long ago to remember, I may have used the same option but can't be sure. There's no way I have the patience (or time for that matter) to complete those types of games anymore.

    Pretty cool but definitely needs a variant of the original music. And underpants

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