Gorgeous New PC Game Still Looks Too Good To Be True

Gorgeous New PC Game Still Looks Too Good To Be True

Black Desert Online, the Korean MMO that has the best character creation system of all time, is about to enter open beta. So we get a new trailer, taunting us with how this game looks. Excellent.

What I love about the clips this team are releasing are that they're not even bothering with any kind of fluff. They're just pointing a camera at the game itself and letting it do the talking.

As an MMO, and one being designed for the Korean market at that, who knows how this will play (though here's an account from someone who's been in the closed betas). But really, at this point, does anyone who just wants to see it in action really care?


    would bang.i mean play! would play!

      I'd bang.

      Not the characters.

      I'd bang the damn game itself for being so sexy.

    I really hope this game plays like TERA

      I looks better than TERA - even more action based combat, which is awesome.

        Tera... feels bad. Started playing last weekend and battle feels slow. Dodge roll CD is so long, fighting against quick striking enemies make it pointless.

          Maybe it's because I play archer, but the gameplay feels really quick and fun. Instead of getting hit based on a RNG you can dodge it yourself. It's not up to some computer to determine if you get hit or not, it's up to your skill. I've never had a problem with the Dodging CD mainly because mine is a backflip that cools down before I need to use it again.

            Yeah Archer and Warrior are the faster classes - but Warrior is hard with an Aussie connection. But reading this guys posts - he says its true action combat, which will be great.

    They should release the character creator separate like Saints Row (and I think Dragon Age?) so we can play with it without having to play the inevitably boring grind fest mmo that will be attached to it.

    Or they should just license it and sell it like some companies sell game engines.

    i hope its not too late to learn korean so i can move and play this......

    lets hope it's not like that fail game archage,

    please be good.

    I'm really hoping this doesn't get ignored just because it's a Korean MMO. I'm guessing I won't like the gameplay but the concepts they're implementing in the character creator really need to influence games and shake them out of the plastic hair helmet rut. This may take more power than a good MMO should but it's actually giving you a character you can recognise without a name plate.
    Some games let you build the face but the level of detail on the face doesn't really match up to the way it works in real life. You're never face to face with anybody in game so that level of detail doesn't pay off. Skin colour, hair style, hair colour, etc and these are usually considered good if there are more than five variants of each. Really if power restrictions are the root of that problem you should be flipping it. I like facial detail but it's usefulness puts it at a lower priority. A half dozen preset faces with some really detailed hair and body types is the more practical balance. Both the player controlling the avatar and the people interacting with them see way more of the hair and body shape than the upper cheekbones.

      Trust me this game is not being ignored. It is one of the top in the list for upcoming MMO and people are watching very closely for any news about it.

    Even if an Aussie server released it would still run like a dogs breakfast for the same reason Wildstar did, in a game like this you can't afford to have above 80 ping or the delay will make dodging the end game attacks a nightmare. Looks nice, but Australian Internet is too shit for something like this.

    The gameplay looks a lot like the mechanics in Sword Art Online (at least during the first arc when the series was about experiencing immersive game mechanics as an always-connected player, before it devolved into harem-y inane drama).

    That looks friggin amazeballs, but somehow it reminded me about this:

      They all look the same. It's as if I went into a car dealership and they only had one model but in different colours.

    Wife's cousin has played BETA. Says it looks awesome but meh gameplay, he doesn't really like games without auto targeting too much though

    I wonder if I could pay someone to make my character look awesome. Ill end up making a ogre hobbit hybrid by the end of the creation > . >

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