Grand Theft Auto V Comes Alive At Night

Grand Theft Auto V Comes Alive At Night

The current-gen versions of GTA V are really something else — and it's all in the details.

So many small things pop out at you if you take the time to walk through the streets of Los Santos. This video by The XXI, which showcases the nightlife in GTA, is but a small taste of what I'm talking about.

I don't know about you, but watching this gives me the urge to boot up GTA and just... watch what happens. No guns, no cars, no mayhem. Just soaking it all in.

Los Santos By Night - GTA V PS4 [The XXI]


    For everything that GTAV has done well, there are still 2 main complaints from me:
    1. The tattoo selection is mostly pretty lame, why give us 500 options for clothes then only 15 options for tattoos?
    2. The Mexican wrestling mask is available in single player, but not in Multiplayer. This is a gamebreaker for me, as if I want to be rolling a luchador with my mates, I should damn well be able to.

    In response, I'm staging my own personal boycott till Rockstar games addresses these major issues, and by that I mean I've already bought the damn game twice and will continue to play it because I'm having too much damn fun with it to stop. Damn it you win again Rockstar.

      They've also tightened the crap out of their name and plate approvals since the 360, I can't use my alias on the One, as apparently it's racially insensitive.

        Has it offended Donkey Kong and all the other race of gorillas?

        EDIT: Re-read that comment and to clarify, I was joking about Rockstar banning the DK bit. Not trying to make a racist joke. :O

        Last edited 03/12/14 5:05 pm

          Haha, I read it the way you meant, but goddamn that'd of been so hugely racist if you meant it the other way.

          hahaha that made me laugh, thanks for that, needed it.

    I hope so much Santa is bringing me this for Xmas if he/she (cannot be gender specific now days) doesn't i will just about give up on xmas.

      All I want for christmas is a murder simulator.. a murder simulator..

      Has a nice ring to it.

        So we now have prostitutes on the long list of groups that want GTA V banned, good luck with that one.

        Update game has been removed from Target.

          I need to set up a petition to ban Civilization because it encourages players to nuke entire cities. Maybe one to ban games like Plague Inc where the aim is to evolve a disease to wipe out humanity.

 has gotten some good things done, but I'm getting a bit tired of being emailed about petitions where somebody's insurance claim hasn't been processed in a timely manner. They need a rule where the person establishing the petition cannot be a party to the issue.

            Man, to hell with Civilization. Ban Sims, that sick filth is a proper murder simulator complete with child killing.


    I just noticed they take the licensed music out of recorded video! Completely ruins the vibe of some sections :(

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