GTA Online Has Snowballs Now, Because Christmas

GTA Online Has Snowballs Now, Because Christmas

If you log into GTA Online today, you'll find a nice surprise waiting for you: snow.

Not only that, but you can use this snow to get into snowball fights...and, yes, you can actually kill people with snowballs, as this GIF shows:

GTA Online Has Snowballs Now, Because Christmas

After watching folks like TwoDynamic play, it seems like you might have a tough time getting into a snowball fight that won't devolve into some other random jerk swooping in and killing you and your target, but hey! Don't let that stop you. It looks like snowball fights are a ton of fun, and there are probably lots of people out there willing to indulge you.

Here's some more footage, in case you want to see more of what the snow looks like in action:

Top GIF: DomisLive footage.


    I wish Rockstar would add seasons to GTA, make summer days longer, wet falls, dusty springs and snowy winters. Change it up once a month to keep things interesting. Also is it me or were storms far more visually and audibly impressive in Red Dead Redemption?

    Last edited 24/12/14 3:43 pm

      Definitely better storms in Red Dead. I was a little disappointed that they recycle a single thunder sound for storms in GTA V. Just a gentle roll of thunder and now scary as hell thunder claps etc.

      But yeah, great suggestion RE: Seasons. But then again, does LA even have a winter? :)

        One of my mates was born in Seattle, then lived in LA for 15 years before moving out to Brisbane, where he's been the rest of his life. According to him, Brisbane and LA weather are fairly swappable, but we apparently have a little bit more rain due to being a little bit more tropical.

        LA Doesn't receive snow but the surrounding mountains do and Northern California receives snow annually, LA weather is akin to SA weather

    Certainly hope they get the interactions menu working again for those of us who cant access it at all and attempts to access it kill the frame rate. Been this way (for me) since they added the xmas content.

    The snow seems cool though.

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