GTA V Has A Drinking Problem

GTA V Has A Drinking Problem

In today's Highlight Reel we have some great shots in Battlefield, the randomness of Far Cry 4, and a new way to drink courtesy of Michael in Grand Theft Auto V.

Highlight Reel is Kotaku's regular roundup of great plays, stunts, records and other great moments from around the gaming world.


    Soon no one in Australia can play this game and the only way to experience it will be from youtube.

      After we've seen ads for Target and Kmart plastered on the ads before we watch it.

      (Don't stress I use adblock)

    The banhammer is hovering over the import of gta games

    ha ducking that captains punch! I have to try that

    I'm showing my age here, but this is reminding me of Flying High...

      That is the first thing I thought of when I saw the Gif, you bet me to it.

      Last edited 04/12/14 5:20 pm

      Looks like I chose the wrong day to quit methamphetamines

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