GTA V Spreads Holiday Cheer With Mines And Homing Rockets

GTA V Spreads Holiday Cheer with Mines and Homing Rockets (Update)

A new update is bringing Christmas goodies to Los Santos and its surroundings, and yes, those goodies include explosives.

The patch only seems to be live on the PS4 for now, per user reports posted to the relevant thread at GTAForums. Apart from upping the property limit to three, the patch also adds new content, includes Christmas trees for your apartment, as depicted in the image above (via forumgoer nvd7), and the aforementioned weapons: the proximity mine and the homing launcher:

GTA V Spreads Holiday Cheer with Mines and Homing Rockets (Update)
GTA V Spreads Holiday Cheer with Mines and Homing Rockets (Update)

[via redditor turnoffthenews]

Apart from the tree, the newly added festive items include clothing such as hats, masks, and a set of pajamas. Here's a video showing them all, courtesy of YouTuber shinedown1993:

There's also two new cars, the Bravado Rat-Truck and the Vapid SlamVan. YouTuber shinedown1993 has two videos of those in action, too:

As mentioned above, the patch currently only seems to be out on the PS4, so we'll make sure to update this post when it drops for the other consoles.

UPDATE: The Rockstar Newswire confirms that the update will be out today on all four consoles (PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360).

New update for GTA V PS4 [GTAForums]


    Soo, is all this only for GTA Online or is it in single player as well...? Cause it would be nice if it was in single player as well..

      The cars and weapons would be available in single player, I think all the weapons and cars added from the various online packs are available in single player

    Werent those trucks added ages ago?

      Yeah the Rat whatever has been in the game since start but the paint job remained crappy so this is a version that can be made to look nice and new.
      The slam van is all new

    Yes sir i would like to deliver xmas hell to thy enemies with truckloads of explosives

    I already shoot down jets and heli's with the Heavy Sniper, but the homing rocket is still welcome >:D

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