Guy Turns Grand Theft Auto Into Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

It's been a while since I was really into a skateboard game, but I have to say, the idea of Grand Theft Auto's massive world as the mother of all skateboard parks hits me right into the Tony-Hawk-shaped portion of my nostalgia.

JulioNIB is doing that which not even Rockstar dared attempt: teaching grouchy old Niko Bellic to skate. Based on his "SkateIV" mod's progress so far, it seems like he's taking to his new pop-shoving, indie nose-boning lifestyle pretty well, all things considered. I figured that Niko's knee cartilage would be shot after years of madcap on-foot police chases and street brawls with shopping bag-carrying elderly people, but I guess he proved me wrong.

The PC mod is work-in-progress for now, but it seems to be coming along quickly. Here's hoping we get something like this for Grand Theft Auto V when it comes to PC as well. Can you imagine first-person open-world skateboard stunting? I can too, which is why I just vomited all over your shoes.


    for a guy who made a mod dedicated to skateboarding, he really cant skate....

      Yeah, I thought he was trying to show off collisions with pedestrians or something. He could have edited out most of that.

        lmao dying! This dude only rode into people for 3 mins

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