Halo Is Getting Remade On PC, And It (Still) Looks Pretty

Halo Is Getting Remade On PC, And It (Still) Looks Pretty

Yeah, there's a HD remake of Halo on the Xbox, but let's not forget, Bungie's classic shooter was also released on the PC. So fans have stepped in to do what Microsoft won't, and update the game with more contemporary visuals.

We first wrote about this mod/overhaul over a year ago (which is transferring the game to Crytek's Cryengine 3), but the Project Contingency team have recently released a video showing off the progress they have made since then, with the clip below highlighting animations and models.

It all looks nice and shiny, but if this is what they have got to show for a year's work, they might need some help.


    Oh joy... -_-
    They are gonna goof up like they did last time

    So they have some models. I doubt this game will ever ever be completed, but if it is, I will be down to play it, some Halo on PC in HD sure would be something to see.

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