Hearthstone's New Cards Are Friggin' Insane

Hearthstone's New Cards Are Friggin' Insane

Hearthstone's 'Goblins vs Gnomes' expansion pack is out today, and it brings some 100+ new cards to Blizzard's addictive digital card game. There's no new adventure like there was earlier this year with Curse of Naxxramas, but this expansion does give us access to a truckload of ridiculous new cards, complete with some insane legendaries. (Download the update and log in before December 19 and you'll get three free GVG packs.)

You can check out the full list of new additions over on the Hearthstone Wiki, but for everyone's amusement, I want to highlight some of the crazier cards in Goblins vs. Gnomes:

Hearthstone's New Cards Are Friggin' Insane

All characters! On one hand, your opponent will know you have it. On the other hand, half of their minions might be dead.

Hearthstone's New Cards Are Friggin' Insane

"Immune" prevents all damage from any source. All damage. PREVENTS ALL DAMAGE.

Hearthstone's New Cards Are Friggin' Insane


Hearthstone's New Cards Are Friggin' Insane

The perfect priest card for all sorts of delicious Inner Fire-related combos.

Hearthstone's New Cards Are Friggin' Insane

How is this allowed?

Hearthstone's New Cards Are Friggin' Insane

Way too good, especially toward the end of the game, when spells are way more useful than the extra mana you get from a coin.

Hearthstone's New Cards Are Friggin' Insane

Terrified of the possible combos here.

Hearthstone's New Cards Are Friggin' Insane

Now here's an interesting set of cards. In practice, I can't imagine Mimiron's Head being super useful unless you're building a deck that's specifically dedicated to this combination, but... well, just look:

Hearthstone's New Cards Are Friggin' Insane

FOUR TIMES A TURN! As soon as someone gets this guy out, it's likely game over. (IMPORTANT NOTE: You can't summon V-07-TR-0N normally; you have to build it with Mimiron's Head.)

Hearthstone's New Cards Are Friggin' Insane

Hunter decks are terrifying.

Hearthstone's New Cards Are Friggin' Insane

Combine this with a game-changing Legendary (Deathwing?) and you've suddenly changed the game with one minion's death.

Hearthstone's New Cards Are Friggin' Insane

This is just hilarious.


    I ran into Sneed in an arena match last night. When he died, he summoned another Sneed. Thought that was kinda funny. When he died a second time he summoned Alexstrasza, which promptly fell to a Big Game Hunter. It should be noted that battlecry effects do not trigger on cards that aren't played from your hand, so Alexstrasza's life set ability didn't trigger.

    The big cards are all quite powerful looking, but the problem is there are a lot of ways they can be immediately dealt with, and they tend to have a giant target over their head the instant they're cast. It's rare that you'll get much time with one in play unless you've successfully baited out all your opponent's control cards.

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      Yeah the real game-changers are cards like the Shrinkmeister which will be going into every single Priest deck.

    most of these look pretty game breaking. good thing i gave up trying to play this game seriously.

      Playing this game seriously is for chumps. Play ALL the gimmick decks!

        Life's too short to take Hearthstone seriously. And now to my murloc deck of death

    Now EVERYONE is playing Paladin, like me, expect my paladin is gold =]

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    Flame Leviathan is a pretty shit card. It will be a burden to you more than your enemy.

    Unstable Portal is probably the most ridiculous card since it has no downside.

    These big cards aren't even that great. Some cards with 2-4 mana have some crazy effects.

      Unstable Portal's downside is that it takes up a card in your deck that might be better suited. For instance, if you're playing a freeze deck, and you summon a hyena (just for a random example) it's a fairly useless card. I assume it can be ANY random minion right? It doesn't specify "from your deck".

    No love for Blingtron 3000? 5 mana to play a minion and have you and your opponent equip a random golden weapon. Followed by a 5 mana Harrison Jones to destroy your opponent's weapon and draw cards equal to the durability (which will be full).

    I've been having so much fun with this guy already. So many 'thank you' emotes.

      Did NOT even think of that combination. If I had Harrison Jones, I'd be all over that.

        I had him from a random pack ages ago. Crafted a Blingtron this morning. Even without Jones, playing Blingtron with an Ooze can swing the game in your favour, especially if the opponent already had a weapon out.

        Edit: And I actually think the Blingtron + Jones combo is so powerful that it might be nerfed, maybe Blingtron costing an extra mana and getting a stat point or two.

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    Paladins may finally be a playable class! This excites me greatly. Maybe now I'll return to ladder after playing Arena exclusively.

    Lol at 'V-07-TR-0N'...or did i mistakenly read that as 'Voltron'?

      Definitely a deliberate reference. The bot in question is one of the bosses in Ulduar, assembled from three other robots, one of which is Mimiron's head. The reference has been in WoW since 2009.

    Haven't played Hearthstone in a few months.

    Logged in cause of this article and got a Flame Leviathan from one of the free packs! Thanks Kotaku!

    I got Vol'jin in the three free packs. Extremely happy with that!

    I had this happen to me: Turn three unstable portal, coin, ooze, Edward Van Cleef at 8/8. Yeah, I lost. The variance is strong with that one.

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