Here Are The Winners For The Game Awards

Here Are The Winners For The Game Awards

Yesterday Las Vegas hosted a celebration called The Game Awards. Hosted by Geoff Keighley, the show premiered a bunch of new game footage for some upcoming games, and naturally, it also gave out awards.

The winners are:

Game of the Year: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Best performance: Trey Parker, South Park: The Stick of Truth

Best online experience: Destiny

Best score: Destiny

Trending Gamer: Total Biscuit

Composition Award: Martin O’Donnell

Best mobile game: Hearthstone

Best fighting game: Smash Bros Wii U

Industry Icon: Roberta and Ken Williams

Developer of the year: Nintendo

Best eSports: Matthew ‘NaDeSHoT’ Haag

Best sports or racing game: Mario Kart 8

Best Remaster: GTA V

Best shooter: Far Cry 4

Game for change: Valiant Hearts

Best narrative: Valiant Hearts

Best action game: Shadow of Mordor

Best Indie Game: Shovel Knight

Did your favourite win? Disagree with the choices? Let us know in the comments.


    • I think there’s one or two I wouldn’t have personally picked (Best Score for me was easily Transistor, Best Narrative pretty hard to pick but I probably would’ve gone with Wolf Among Us) but there are none I think are bad picks or flat out stupid like Spike VGA’s did constantly.

      Looking good if they can keep this format for the future.

  • I’m calling it. Remastering is too much of a trend if they can hand out a bloody award for it.

    Best Remaster? Really?

    • I think the notion lies more in that it can change people’s perspectives about war. It is an incredibly beautiful game, and I’m really glad it was recognised.

      • As far as those stakes go, it’s a shame This War of Mine probably came out too late to get in the running.

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