Here’s A First Look At Infinity Blade For The Chinese Xbox One

Here’s A First Look At Infinity Blade For The Chinese Xbox One
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Last Thursday, while the rest of the world was munching on Fire Chickens (Turkey in Chinese), Chinese internet giant Tencent unleashed upon the world Infinity Blade for the Xbox One.

Chinese gaming news site A9VG broke the news earlier last week that Tencent was going to reveal a mysterious game that could possibly be Infinity Blade at their annual Tencent Games Carnival. Turns out the site was right, and Tencent did show off the new Infinity Blade: an exclusive Kinect game for the Xbox One in China. The game, if we go by a direct Chinese to English translation, is called Infinity Blade Destiny/Fate [无尽之剑 命运].

Here’s a video that we’ve grabbed from the Chinese interwebs of the game in action.

So far the game looks good. Tencent hasn’t announced when the game will be available for sale or whether the game will go international. A9VG reports that the game is a combination of all three iOS games and that Tencent is looking to add various DLC for players.

The Xbox One in China is in dire need of new games. Since the system’s launch there hasn’t been a lot going right, from a lack of video streaming services to a lackluster gaming library. Tencent’s reportedly pushing for a quick release but any release in China is dependent on how fast government regulators work.

Tencent is one of the largest internet companies in the world. With investments in everything from social networks and mobile technology to e-commerce, Tencent is also heavily invested in video games. The company owns Riot Games and is a major stakeholder in Epic Games, the publisher and one of the developers behind Infinity Blade.

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  • Am I the only one who thinks a proper big-time next-gen Kinect port of this would actually be pretty awesome?

    • probably could be good if they put more diversity into the game play and opened up the story a bit more. it is quite repetitive but that suits it as a mobile game where you are mainly drawn for the pretty visuals. if it was to make a full transition to next gen console or pc game then it would need a complete rebuild….BUT….the groundwork and ideas are there for a good story and game.

      • yeah true, I guess I didn’t mean port, but a whole new version. I’ve always loved the art style of Infinity Blade, and the concept is fun. Given some tweaks I think it would translate to be a perfect Kinect title.

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