Here's Final Fantasy XV In English For The First Time

With every passing week comes new assurances that Final Fantasy XV is actually a video game that will be released at some point in the future. Today's assurance: English voices!

Above, via Square's Facebook page: a localised version of the FFXV trailer from TGS a few months ago, demonstrating the highly-anticipated RPG in English for the first time ever.

It sounds... well, it sounds like a standard set of anime voices. But Final Fantasy XV in English! It's actually happening.


    Erm... Please give us Japanese audio with subs as an option..

      If they release it on PC (I'm dreaming, aren't I), I could see that happening.

      Given the graphics and no doubt the size of the game I am worried they will cut the Japanese audio out to save space. I seriously hope they don't.

      EDIT - Just noticed that Type-0 HD has japanese/english audio option so there is a bit of hope, but that game won't be as huge as what 15 will. I will be very bummed out if they don't give us a choice though.

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    I started to warm to them by the end :P

    Sounds alright to me. Thought it was going to be terrible according to the comments everywhere.

      That's what I was thinking. I actually had a TMNT feel to the Voice acting at first, but it's still rather relatable.

      I think some people just get used to reading subtitles. Hearing Japanese dialogue spoken in English seems to highlight the difference between the way we speak much more than quickly reading Japanese dialogue in subtitles.

    Once against, squeenix has managed to make the characters as lame and unbelievable as possible.

    Argh. I was fine with the idea of not buying a full game just to get the FFXV demo, but after about 30 seconds of this I know I'm not going to be able to resist. I'm such a whore. =(

    "Been a long time. Too long. Not much longer."

    Ain't that the truth.

    This game looks epic. I'll have to eventually buy a PS4 for it, but not yet. Also, FF-GTA crossover haha.

    "I could do with a baaarff" haha

    But seriously give me this game!

    British butler haha! Im one of the people hoping for Jap dubs, Eng subs though

    It looks amazing. Im trying so hard not to feel hyped because of disappointment but I cant

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    The voices are fine, but I think the translated Japanese script seems better

    Is FFXV going to be released in both xbox1 and PS4?

      Yep. It'll be out on XBOX One and PS4, but not PS3 and XBOX 360. There's hints of a PC version but if there is a PC version in the works I don't think it'll launch alongside the PS4/XBOX One versions.

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