Here’s The New Trailer For Resident Evil Revelations 2

Video: Here’s the new trailer for Resident Evil Revelations 2, which confirms the return of Barry Burton as a playable character. Makes sense, considering his daughter is also a playable character. RERe2’s four episodes will release weekly, starting on February 17/18 and ending on March 10/11, at a price of $US6 per episode.


  • It’s funny how I can be so disenchanted with the Resident Evil series these days and still be completely, unironically hyped about the return of Barry.

    Barry, man.

  • Ridiculous as it sounds, I’m kind of sad this won’t be on 3DS. RE:Revelations is one of the best titles on 3DS, and really revived the series back to what it used to be as a survival horror game.

    Almost feels like a ‘Thanks for that, 3DS – we don’t need you now.’

    • I played the PC version of Revelations and found it to be very, very enjoyable. Did the 3DS version have anything that really took advantage of the 3DS’s capabilities or was it simply a portable RE game?

      • I heard that the 3ds version was way better. The game was actually made to be played on the 3ds so it makes sense. Not sure if there were many or any differences though ..

      • Haven’t played the PC version, but it was built as a 3DS title – it worked amazingly well. It would seem less impressive to me running on a PC though – simply because the 3DS version was impressive because of how much they crammed into it.

        Obviously the 3D and CPP functionality were solid, and I had some fun with the StreetPass aspect too. StreetPass hits would give you mission for Raid Mode. I think I actually spent more time on Raid Mode than I did the main story by the end of it.

        EDIT: It was also extra awesome because it felt like the first true RE game (in terms of survival horror) since RE4. Also, it never would’ve gotten a PC port of the 3DS version wasn’t so good.

        • True that. Some parts of the game were a bit underwhelming but it’s been the first RE game since 4 that I’ve actually felt scared. Mega-hyped for Revelations 2, if only for more Claire and Barry.

  • I love RE(bought a 3DS for Mercenaries), and was pleasantly surprised that Revelations was so awesome on the 3DS.

    If Revelations 2 is even a clone of 1, it will be awesome, so I’m looking forward to it a lot.

    My gripes? I hate the episodic vs disk format plus extras. I like having the disk versions of things, and even more so if it comes with more junk, so it makes me want to put off getting the episodes individually(and hence I have to wait). Also, I’m glad that Barry is back, but not sold on his look, as he’s looked cooler in prior games. Capcom do that a lot… sometimes they change it for the better(I like updated Chris), and sometimes not(Jill/Barry).

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