Hey, Elite: Dangerous Is Actually Out Today

Hey, Elite: Dangerous Is Actually Out Today

After months of early-access alphas and betas and gammas(?), Elite: Dangerous is officially out today. I've been playing various incarnations of Frontier's space-sim off and on for a while now, and really dig it. I started back in August, when I went deep into my VR immersion tank and played a bunch of the game with an Oculus Rift.

I'm going to be playing a lot of the final game, both while using Oculus Rift and on a regular screen, and will be writing about it for Kotaku. For now, however, since the retail version just came out and I'm drowning in year-end stuff, I've bumped up some impressions I wrote back in August.

A lot of things have changed since I wrote this, of course: The Oculus implementation is now much better and much easier to use, with lower latency and better head-tracking, which makes it a lot easier to play for extended periods of time. The game is generally a lot less buggy. The galaxy is much bigger, and there are lots of new types of missions to undertake. There have been a ton of small and large tweaks to the economy, navigational controls, and that kind of thing, too. And there's a whole story mode, which I have yet to even try.

I'll have more on the final game soon. In the meantime, if you're playing... see you out there.


    So is it on Steam? Do you buy from their website?

      Here and here only...


    How is the need for internet connection, if your connection drops are you immediately out of the game?

    Asurmen says:
    Actually there’s a number of server problems. Some people are losing connection to the transaction server, including me meaning no Elite Dangerous for the time being.
    16/12/2014 at 22:15 Stellar Duck says:
    Thank god for offli… oh, wait.

    Think I'll sit this release out.

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    Hey you know what's great... TELLING PEOPLE HOW TO GET IT?

      Nope, not available on Steam, seems the website is the only place to get it.
      Hey you know what's great... TELLING PEOPLE HOW TO GET IT?


      Everyone be warned though, the trailer is total BS, there is about 3 seconds of gameplay, the rest is total fantasy. Buy it based on some research, not on the trailer or be disappointed.

      Last edited 17/12/14 9:27 pm

        Ta :) damn, not available on Steam? Talk about limiting yourself...

        While this is true, I have to say, that outfitting an Eagle with some decent guns and a warp interdictor is unbelievably cool and fun if you want to pursue the career of a bounty hunter or pirate :P

      So do you use different fingers to enter stuff into google than you do for lazy questions on web sites? And did those google exclusive fingers fall off, causing you to be unable to enter 'buy elite dangerous' into the search engine? Do you want to email the author your credit card number so they can order it for you because you're so lazy?


        Im not the one posting an article about how you can now buy a game. Its pertinent information. Terrible use of sarcasm, absolute fail.

      hey you know whats great, GOOGLE



        Again, for the short of.... intelligence. I'm not the one who wrote an article espousing the game was released and how it was purchasable. When that's done, one should include all relevant information such as:

        1. Where to get the game.

        But you know, some people just gotta try being funny with the whole google thing. Unfortunately it comes across...


    I do love how that gif shows a rotating hanger as you're entering the station, that really brings back memories of all the times I smashed my ship into that bloody hanger as a kid because I couldn't comprehend at the time why a space station would be spinning.

    Artificial gravity be damned.

      yeah I remember that. I used to always save for my docking computer as one of my first purchases :)

    It's great they released on Steam so everyone knows it's out!

    steam is a bloatfest, glad its not on it

    also game is toooo awesome , if you like xwing vs tie fighter or any space game you will love this game,

    400 billion star systems to make yourself home with,

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      I know right, why would you wanna release a game you hope sells well on the number one games platform in the *world*...

        because it does perfectly fine with its own launcher and not fucking about with stupid steam.

          Uh huh... ok, well, I hope they enjoy not quite having the consumer base they could then.

            do you see world of Warcraft or league of legends on steam, are they the biggest games on twitch? possibly the world?

              Bad comparison, WoW already had an instilled userbase from Warcraft onwards. Elite has a nostalgia aspect with a few people. If you think E.Dangerous is going to have anywhere near their numbers you're just yanking your own flesh pole.

                no im saying why wouldn't steam have them in their library also if steam is so good? steam is not good, its full of crap and games dont need it to be successful.

                  Actually I just read some of their forums. Theyre in the middle of a deal.

                  if i had the preference not to buy on steam... I would... origin is better... steams full of crap

    Might wait until the price drops a bit.

    Tbh I like having everything in Steam, call it what you wan't its a pretty solid Game manager.
    I have a few hundred titles in my library and it's good knowing that they are all in one place, Sometimes I feel like playing pc games in the loungroom with the big TV using the low spec media PC, with steams sorcery I can play high end graphical games on said tv via the streaming feature.

    Not Origin though, Origin can suck a dick.

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    this game has so much to offer.. id pay more money if i can lol

    So much tension. So much destruction. Feel like I've gone on an amazing journey.
    And that's just me learning how to dock. Can't wait till I actually leave the Starport.

    Love the VoiceAttack feature... Too bad it's not free, it has a 21 days trial period.


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