Hey SimCity, THIS Is A Big City

Hey SimCity, THIS Is A Big City

I know, the Cities XL series pre-dates SimCity Disaster Watch, but this trailer for the game's sequel - and its name in particular - feels like a fun jab at EA's failed reboot.

This game isn't just called Cities XL, it's Cities XXL. And this trailer is basically saying "yeah, SimCity had small cities, which sucked, so here are GIANT CITIES".

Who knows how it will actually play - the original Cities XL wasn't great - but there's a lot of detail here, and yes, the cities do indeed look enormous.

This is the first we've seen of the game, so there's no word on things like a release date.


    Too bad the Cities XL games aren't that great.

      Still better than Sim City.

        Woah woah woah, be specific!
        Cities XL was terrible, but Sim City 3/4 were the best City builders ever made.

          Woah woah woah, be specific!

          I was. The train-wreck of a game was just called "Sim City"

    everytime I see something like this it just makes me wish they'd bring back other management tycoon type games like theme hospital or dino park tycoon. I know they are not related but still these games all feel linked to me.

      Transport Tycoon is still yet to be toppled from my best of list.

        Totally agree, Transport tycoon still tops them all for me, spent so much time as a kid playing that.

        Wish they would reboot SimTower! Miss that game so much!

      Sid Meiers 'Railroads' wasn't *too* bad, very niche though of course, purely railroads/trains/and a little property maintainance

        I preferred Railroad Tycoon 3. Did pretty much everything Railroads did, only better and several years earlier. Graphics are better (stylistic opinion), controls are better, interface is better, levels are better; it just goes on and on.

      God I want another Theme Hospital.

        Theme hospital was such great fun, too bad it aged horribly. Damn that dreaded bloaty tongue.

      Only one that needs a mention is Roller Coaster Tycoon.

      Unfortunately it went down hill after number 2

        There's a new roller coaster tycoon coming out next year i think

        Only one that needs a mention is Roller Coaster Tycoon.

        Unfortunately it went down hill


    Honestly, if you're going to get any recent city builder, then Tropico is the way to go. It's so much more fun than these generic city-building games.

      I really have to agree with this. I got Tropico 4, and it really does give you a ton of options to tackle the game. I was partial to tourist havens. I really hate wasting resources on the army, and that creates headaches of it's own to tackle.

      If you like city builders, seriously give one of the new Tropico games a spin if you haven't already.

    What would be cool, would be a city building game like SimCity/CitiesXXL that goes through time too, so you can start with a city in bronze age or what ever and keep growing/building throughout the ages to modern or even futuristic.

      This. I have been looking for a game like this for years!

    This didn't really seem like a jab at Simcity at all. It was just a trailer for a competing city builder. I can't even see a slight nod to Simcity.

    I've been wishing there was a game where you start out small - say as a local builder (like the Sims).
    If you can make enough influence and money, you get elected to the town council and the game opens up a little to allow planning and building a town.
    From there you can be elected mayor of the city (and the game opens up again) and so forth right up to Prime Minister / President.

    Kind of confusing that Cities: Skylines in coming out early next year... and is entirely unrelated.

    From memory Cities XL had horrid memory leaks....

    Looks great!

    All I want is Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis 2.

    That's all I want.

    That trailer contains some truly terrible "music".

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