Hitman Is The Official Worst Host Of A Christmas Party

You probably don’t want to attend a Hitman-hosted Christmas party. Unless you like tons of murder and awkward physics, of course. Then I guess you do.

Playful YouTuber Robbaz celebrates Christmas once again by playing through video games for us, this year wandering through a Christmas party in Hitman: Blood Money. The mission — You Better Watch Out — tasks Agent 47 with hunting down a rich adult entertainment boss in his own estate. But in Robbaz’s world, that just means dressing up in a Santa disguise and going on a festive rampage.

What Christmas-themed video game levels are your favourite? Perhaps one less murdery?


  • Despite the bad physics, still thr best Hitman. Good old fashioned killing for money none of that “run for your life” absolution rubbish.

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