Honest Game Trailers Struggles To Criticise The Last Of Us

Honest Game Trailers is half cute/half feisty. That's the appeal. Its success hinges on saying bad things about the media we all love in a really nice way. So what happens when the decide to review a game like The Last Of Us? A game the team struggles to find flaws in?

Somehow it gets better.

This might be one of my favourite Honest Game Trailers, not because it picks on the flaws in The Last of Us, but mostly because it celebrates it.

Warning: it is extremely spoiler heavy,


    I usually don't go for these, but that was so on the money.

    Glad that instead of hamming it up and fluffing through some fake criticisms, they went for the straight up truth - the game is awesome.

    I guess they missed the bits where it straight up ripped off The Road and The Walking Dead.

      I guess you missed the bit where The Road wasn't the first family in a post-apocalyptic world setting and The Walking Dead similarly not the first of that kind and zombie story either.

        I said 'the bits' so obviously I wasn't referring to the entire premise, just specific instances of the story and characters.

        So I guess YOU missed that bit.

    Ah LOU - the perfect companion to a two season binge of The Walking Dead.

    Home Alone 2 trophy, Pittsburgh and the yeast infection was hilarious. Definitely my favorite honest game trailer, love a positive attitude!

    The part where joel falls off a two story high ledge and gets a metal bar through his chest and then survives was pretty ridiculous

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