How Jackie Chan Creates Action That Is Also Funny

How Jackie Chan Creates Action That Is Also Funny

YouTuber Tony Zhou at Every Frame a Painting does a wonderful analysis of what makes Jackie Chan's action — and comedy — work so damn well.

You might remember Tony's examination of Michael Bay's techniques.

Here, take a look at his analysis at action and comedy in Jackie Chan films:

If you like this video, check out more more of Tony's videos on his YouTube channel.

Jackie Chan - How to Do Action Comedy [YouTube]


    I needs to watch me some more Jackie Chan films.


    Fascinating stuff. Well worth the ten minutes.

    That was pretty interesting, I'm gonna have to check out some more of that guy's videos.

      His Edgar Wright and Robin Williams eps are great.

    I always enjoyed Jackie Chan's HK movies more than his US ones, and never really understood why. I think much of it has to do with clarity and impact. The advent of dark, shaky close up shots has ruined many action films for me. I can't see anything.

    Seen nearly every movie the man has made, and a guy I trained with under the same sifu was the blonde haired villain in Mr Nice Guy. The reason why his films have a peking opera feel to them in the early days is because his parents left him at the peking opera school when he was 8ish when they came to australia, where he met most of the people he works with in his early films.

    If you want to start exploring Jackie, I recommend Fearless Hyena, it's the first film he wrote and directed himself. It has some incredible martial arts, laugh out loud slapstick (he loves Buster Keaton), terrible dialogue, and Jackie singing the song over the end credits (he does this with all his HKC films). Then Drunken Master 1.

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