How To Easily Get Destiny’s Weird ‘Husk Of The Pit’ Gun

How To Easily Get Destiny’s Weird ‘Husk Of The Pit’ Gun

Among the new pieces of gear in Destiny‘s The Dark Below expansion, one stands out: a gun called “Husk of the Pit.” It’s kind of a piece of crap… but it also isn’t.

See, the Husk starts out as a common assault rifle that pretty much completely sucks. However, if you follow its upgrade path (kill a ton of Hive with it, basically), you can eventually cause it to transform into a legendary gun called Eidolon Ally, which isn’t half bad on its own, and which can then be upgraded to an amazing-looking arc-damage exotic gun called Necrochasm. Now, that second upgrade can only be performed with an item you get for beating the Crota’s End raid on hard mode, and that mode doesn’t even come out until January. But eventually, you’ll be able to take this weak little pea-sprayer all the way to the top.

I first heard about the Husk from my raid teammate Adam Rosenberg, though lately I see everyone talking about it. The whole concept is kinda nifty, and not dissimilar from the exotic bounties that drop from time to time in the rest of Destiny. I’m glad to see this kind of thing in the game, even if it’s just the one gun at the moment. If Destiny may be a shameless time-sink, but if the game has to be a grind, Bungie could at least strive to make the grind more interesting.

So. To get started on the road to Necrochasmville, you’ll need a Husk of the Pit. You can obtain one by killing those Hive sword-bearers called Blades of Crota who are loose on the Earth and the Moon. The gun is a rare random drop, and it’s immediately added to your inventory after you kill a Blade.

You could just kill the sword guys every time you see one, but there’s a faster way. Fire up the first mission from the expansion, “The Fist of Crota.” Immediately at the start, get on your sparrow and jet past the mobs and into the building. There, you’ll find some Hive acolytes doing a familiar summoning ritual. Kill the Blade of Crota who turns up, and see if you get anything. If you don’t, just restart the mission until you do. Easy!

How To Easily Get Destiny’s Weird ‘Husk Of The Pit’ Gun

It only took me two tries to get a Husk, but I’ve killed a lot of Blades of Crota already, so it might take you longer. Keep at it for a little bit, and you should have a new, shitty gun that will eventually turn into a better gun.

Hah. Kind of Destiny in a nutshell, eh?


  • 5 pits without even farming. Still no Last word or Visions of Confluence. FML why did I come back to this……….

    • Hahah yep! I know people who have been playing for 3 weeks and they are already the same level (31) as me. I’ve been playing since it came out…. it’s really not a great system for leveling. All that time grinding and now it means nothing. Yet I can’t stop playing!!! Haha jerks

  • This is how exotics should have been handed out from the beginning. Not random drops. Not having enough strange coins to be able to buy Suros Regime from Xur. By leveling up a gun from nothing to something awesome.

    Too late now though. I have 10 of the ‘rarest’ weapons in the game. That’s not rare. I was just either lucky or saved up strange coins. Nothing at all to reward me for playing the game with any level of skill

    • Amen, the game dosnt do players who do the grind much justice so while it’s nice seeing they finally worked out a good idea for a single gun the rest which are equally powerful are bought straight up from an npc and took no effort to get. It’s quite a shame.

  • Farming leads to anger so I’ll avoid that.

    But the upgrade path for this gun is refreshing and cool so if it appears I’ll contemplate using it. Not sure I could take it to an exotic though.

    • Yes but you won’t be able to level it up as that requires items gotten only from the DLC quest giver and the new raid

  • FYI – this took me five hours to get using this method. That was five hours of non-stop grinding. It can drop really quickly too – as exactly two Swords of Crota kills later, I had my second one drop….

  • I have a horrible suspicion that I had one of these and carelessly broke it down before realising its significance.

  • Isn’t this much the same as legendary weapons in WoW like Blessed Blade of the Windseeker for example?

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