How To Unlock The New Strike In Destiny: The Dark Below

How To Unlock The New Strike In Destiny: The Dark Below

Destiny‘s new DLC is out today, and with it comes a brand new strike called The Will of Crota that also doubles as the weekly heroic. Of course, the game doesn’t do a very good job of explaining how you can unlock and play that strike. That’s what we’re here for.

It will take you about two hours to get this done — lower if you’re high level — and you’ll get some good rewards along the way. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Step 1. Go to the tower and grab the first story mission from Eris, the new vendor. Then do the next two. They’re short, straightforward, and actually pretty fun.

Step 2. Go back to Eris and get the bounty to kill 25 Knights or Wizards. This is kind of annoying, but if you go run the Summoning Pits on level 12, you should knock them all out in one quick, easy shot. (Don’t worry about the Xur bounty — it’s not necessary.)

Step 3. Go to Eris and get the next three Crota bounties she’ll give you. This part is a major pain in the arse, since there are no markers or explanations for where you have to go or what you have to do, other than some vague territory descriptions. Fortunately, you have Kotaku!

Select Patrol on the Cosmodrome and land on Earth. Take some other bounties and patrol missions if you’re nasty. Now it’s fetching time.

Bounty 1 is in the Refinery, on the route you usually take to get to Sepiks Prime. To get there, go right from where you start off, up the stairs and through a building to The Divide, then head north through a few tunnels and yards until you get to the launch point for the Sepiks strike. Go up through the building until you find a Servant of the Heart praying to a giant green orb. Then kill him and all of the minions he spawns.

He looks like this:

How To Unlock The New Strike In Destiny: The Dark Below

Bounty 2 is the Lunar Complex, all the way to the left of where you land on Earth. (It’s the big building with the giant radar.) Go through there like you’re heading toward the Loot Cave, and look for a Thrall hidden in the corner just below the big room with the moon wizard. Kill him and his minions.

He looks like this:

How To Unlock The New Strike In Destiny: The Dark Below

Bounty 3 is in the Terrestrial Complex, right behind where the Loot Cave used to be. (RIP miss u 4ever) That’s right past the Lunar Complex, so you can nail this one right after you get bounty two. Once you get to the Terrestrial Complex, fight your way to the back, where there’s a big terrace and a giant ship. Take the urn, fight off the baddies, etc.

How To Unlock The New Strike In Destiny: The Dark Below

Once you’ve gotten all three bounties, bring them back to Eris and you’ll unlock the strike. Bam. Omnigul’s going down.

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  • Fuck me it’s not hard, are people seriously that used to being held by the hand through everything?

    • I know right?
      Some friends and I played through the story missions last night, and then we used our brains to predict that we’d have to do the bounties before the next mission unlocked.

      Not to mention it hasn’t even been out for 24 hours yet. I could understand this article if it was a few days later and people were still having trouble figuring it out.

  • I stopped playing Destiny after I reached Lvl 20.. But got back into it a little over the weekend. Just have a question for seasoned Destiny players. Are the Nightly?/Weekly strikes just the same strikes from the story or am I missing something. Also the Vanguard strikes appear to be the same as well? Is that right?

    • Yes, the daily/weekly missions and the vanguard strikes are just the regular missions at higher levels (and sometimes with modifiers).

      • Thanks for the reply. That is a little disappointing though. Destiny definitely be a sometimes game for me.

        • Definitely watch out for the modifiers on the missions. While they don’t change the gameplay massively they do require you to have certain element types to be effective. I can remember doing one with the Void Burn modifier (think that’s the name) active, and since I was the only player using void weapons it was almost impossible to destroy the minotaurs coming straight for us!

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