If Video Game Characters Used Tinder

If Video Game Characters Used Tinder

Man, video game characters are so lucky. They might have to square off against giant monsters and evil robots, but how would they fare in the virtual battleground that is online dating? I guess the Dragon Age characters would do pretty well for themselves. But everyone else…

Cartoonist Mike Rosenthal recently imagined how some iconic game characters would fare on Tinder in a series posted on his personal Tumblr, and the results are about as goofy as you’d expect. You can see all of his current drawings for “Video Game Characters On Tinder” below. Enjoy.

Of course Yoshi is befuddled. Can you really imagine him dating? I think he’d be better suited for one of those cuddling apps I’ve been hearing so much about.

Oh god, Lara Croft would totally be one of those annoying fitness people, wouldn’t she? Though, to be fair, Nathan Drake would probably be even worse.

Captain Falcon, this is what the kids these days would call “thirsty”.

Donkey Kong is looking more pensive than usual. Maybe he hasn’t had any good bananas in a while.

How convenient, Wario, “incessant flatulence” doesn’t seem to show up on you profile.

In Hyrule, the Tinder and Grindr-type app would totally be called “Hookshot.”

Do Mario and Luigi know about this??

God, they’re really letting anybody on this thing now, aren’t they?

Check out more Mike Rosenthal’s work on his personal Tumblr.


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