Is This A New Wii U GamePad? I Honestly Don't Know. 

Is This a New Wii U GamePad? I Honestly Don't Know.

Recently, a Mario Kart 8 commercial popped up on Nintendo's official YouTube channel. It features what could be a new Wii U GamePad. "Could be" because Nintendo blurred it out.

That's not the only odd thing about the ad. The commercial is on the YouTube Channel for Nintendo Co., Ltd. (you know, Nintendo of Japan), but the clip is labelled as "European Version" (欧州版). Via Hachima, here's the ad in question:

And here is what the current Wii U GamePad looks like — in case, you don't own a Wii U or have forgotten!

Is This a New Wii U GamePad? I Honestly Don't Know.

Initially, I thought the difference could be explained with the angle at which the GamePad is held in the commercial.

Is This a New Wii U GamePad? I Honestly Don't Know.

But things like the button and thumbstick layouts do not appear to be the same, nor does the width on the sides. Plus, the screen does appear large. There's also the suspicious matter of Nintendo not shooting the shot with a deep focus and, thus, blurring out the image.

Maybe this is something over nothing, but what is certain is that the GamePad is due for an overhaul. Sooner, rather than later.

新型『Wii U』開発中か!?TVCMに新型コントローラーっぽいものが映ってる・・・ [はちま起稿]

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    Would not surprise me one bit. As a fan of Ninty they will prolly give it a stupid name. Like the "New Game Pad Dulux". But I agree it needs a face life.

      Dulux, now i'm thinking they'd be partnered with Dulux paints for unique limited edition colours lol.

      As a fan of Ninty they will prolly give it a stupid name. Like the "New Game Pad Dulux"

      No, it'll be the New WiiU to keep the 'siren' sound going.

      It'd probably be something boring. "Wii U Game Pad XL" or something.

      It will be a standalone gamepad that can also play new 3ds games anywhere.

      Ah auto correct you are a hateful bitch. But hat off to you guys lol

    I say nah. The gamepad looks exactly the same in all other shots, to me this just seems like the screen is made disproportionately larger so that it appears more prominently in the less-than-a-second-long shot. You can see in that picture there that the actual size is rather small in comparison, it'd be much easier to miss it.

    Plus if it WERE a new gamepad... why wouldn't it be there in the product shot at the end of the ad, instead of the original one?

      Because it's not ready for release or they want to promote it by itself? Who knows, either way, the dimensions are different...

        Another shot from the ad. Here you can see that it's a regular-sized gamepad. I've highlighted in green the camera/sensor bar part, and cyan is the edge of the screen. Same proportions as they're supposed to be.

        The "new" one is just advertising smoke and mirrors, same as the chairs that drive themselves around the living room.

          Dunno, commercials aren't always shot in one go, and POV shots are rarely ever done exactly like that either. Having worked on a set or two, that wouldn't even have likely been that actors hands.

            Apparently that ad was first uploaded in May, if that is right then I think that pretty much kills any chance of a new pad. It would have had plenty of time to be released for the Xmas season.

            Last edited 16/12/14 7:42 am

              No idea, could even just be a mockup as well, to make you notice the TV more and the pad screen more.

    It needs to be high-res, I was shocked when I first got the wii u and saw how crummy the screen looked. Its still a real sore point for me.

    Wouldn't be surprised. In fact, the New 3DS shocked me because I was certain Nintendo would update the Wii-U pad before the 3DS. I actually hate that controller. There are no handles, so there's little surface for grip, it's too chunky, they won't change the resolution but they need to let the thing charge via USB cord through the console instead of a proprietary 2nd plug.

    They've just super imposed a larger gamepad image onto the shot to show off the game, and to avoid reflections of the studio lights on the display.

    It's a ubiquitous practice, like shopping a thigh gap onto Beyonce.

    Just putting it out there. But what if this new gamepad is the the new handheld which will unify Nintendo products like they've been in about for a while?

    Would be awesome if the new gamepad was also a stand alone mobile device.

    Its a commercial that ran months ago in Europe, repurposed for Japan. Pretty sure they weren't slipping new prototypes into commercials back then. Its all in the focal length and possily post production.

    Looks like the blurring just made the screen edges appear wider.

    I'm sure they'll release an updated gamepad at some stage, but I don't think that is it in the picture

    WiiU2 Remote 2 Dulux Rebirth: Reckoning. The Final Remote Chapter

    It's just a more compact gamepad, that's it. All VG companies do this. Make it big, then make it compact. The current gamepad is bulky and annoying, hence releasing a smaller one makes sense. Only $100!

    my take is that it's just a bad depth of field effect...

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