It Seems Street Fighter V Is A PS4 And PC Exclusive

Street Fighter V Is a PS4 and PC Exclusive, It Seems

Street Fighter V has been apparently announced as a PS4 and PC exclusive in what's believed a teaser trailer for the game.

NeoGAF user Unlucky Kate reports that a YouTube clip, which has since been set to private, revealed the new title. However, it's still unclear if the trailer appeared on Capcom's site or was leaked.

While these supposed leaked teaser says SFV is an "exclusive" for PS4 and PC, it would be very surprising to see the game not get an arcade release (and since modern arcade games run on computer hardware, the PC inclusion certainly makes sense). Moreover, since the word "exclusive" increasingly means "time exclusive," the game could eventually appear on the Xbox One — just like Xbox One exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider will make its way to other platforms.

Here, you can watch the trailer, which has been mirrored by YouTube user NR_Chris.

And here are GIFs, for those who like that kind of thing:

Street Fighter V Is a PS4 and PC Exclusive, It Seems
Street Fighter V Is a PS4 and PC Exclusive, It Seems
Street Fighter V Is a PS4 and PC Exclusive, It Seems
Street Fighter V Is a PS4 and PC Exclusive, It Seems
Street Fighter V Is a PS4 and PC Exclusive, It Seems
Street Fighter V Is a PS4 and PC Exclusive, It Seems

We're contacting Capcom for confirmation, and we'll update this post should we hear back.

Street Fighter 5 for PS4 & PC teaser trailer [NeoGAF]


    The mirror has already been taken down. Capcom really wants to stay tight-lipped about this.

    Interesting that they kept the colouring technique but moved to much less cartoonish and colourful character designs.

    We should start building an ark. We're going to need it for all the Xbox tears to come.

      Seems like you are still salty about Tomb Raider

      Last edited 06/12/14 12:59 pm

        Couldn't care less about Tomb Raider. Didn't even play the last one.

    I'll be frustrated if this is true. Both because I won't be able to play it on my preferred console and because it will hurt Street Fighter's ability to stay relevant. Obviously it's not going to kill the franchise but Capcom make a lot of annoying little moves like this that leave you wondering why you're going out of your way to play this instead of a non-Capcom fighter.

      How will it hurt Streetfighters ability to stay relevant exactly? I don't follow your logic?

        Reducing the audience by putting up enough resistance to push people towards more accessible alternatives. I know Street Fighter is still super accessible, but every time Capcom do something like this, screwy DLC or fragmenting the playerbase over multiple versions within a really short space of time they make it that tiny bit harder to get into the game.
        From a business sense this move in particular seems short sighted considering how much Capcom make from Street Fighter being a very prominent series within the fighting game community. The community will generally follow and put up with a lot of crap there are limits and rival games are born out of these sorts of opportunities. Injustice for instance got a lot of attention for being a great fighting game at a time that was a bit dull. Don't get me wrong it's nice to see more variety and competition amongst the top series, but as a fan I'd hate to see Street Fighter fall (or even just stumble) for weak reasons like this.

          Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying the sky is falling. I don't think this will kill Street Fighter or even last more than 3 months. I just hate to see great games take a hit because of business decisions that don't make any sense to me. Capcom in particular has a long history of baiting me with a brilliant games and shooting me down while I'm waving fists full of cash at them.

          I assume its not coming out on the xbox one for the same reason most games don't come out on the wii-U. They didn't want to nerf it for the sake of inferior hardware. now to remove the ps4 from the equation and get a real current gen street fighter.

    Does exclusive really mean exclusive though? Or just delayed release?

      Obviously the Hyper Turbo Championship Fuck You Give Me More Money HD Remix version will come to Xbox One. I don't think Capcom can really afford to make exclusive games.

        I don't think Capcom can really afford to make exclusive games.

        Capcom Disagree...

        Dead Rising series
        Ace Attorney series
        Monster Hunter series
        Tatsunoko vs Capcom
        We love Golf!
        Mega Man Star Force series
        Zack and Wiki
        Power Stone
        Onimusha series
        Viewtiful Joe


        I think I've made my point.

          I think I've made my point.

          No you haven't. Obviously I meant current Capcom. The games you listed are either a decade plus old, have been on other consoles or sold like shit.

          If you said Deep Down I would sort of agree but that hasn't had any news since they announced it was a F2P a year ago.

            How are Dead Rising, Ace Attorney and Monster Hunter either a decade plus old or sold like shit? All three of them have had recent entries in the series, all three of those recent entries were console exclusive and all three of them sell bucketloads of copies.

              The keywords being 'either' and 'or' and you forgot the went multiplatform part also. Dead Rising and Monster Hunter went multiplatform, Ace Attorney games went on ios.

                Dead Rising 3 - Exclusive to Xbone
                Monster Hunter Tri - Exclusive to Wii
                Monster Hunter 4 - Exclusive to 3DS
                Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Exclusive to 3DS

                While the series as a whole went multiplatform, individual games in the series have been console exclusives. Just to name a few examples.

    Is it just me or does Street Fighter 5 look more like Street Fighter 4 HD?

      Yep, hope it looks a little bit better upon release.

    I have a PS4, but I don't think this is a very good idea. More fans = more relevance, and cutting out the Xbox market probably isn't wise. Capcom must have REALLY needed the Sony money to agree to this, because it's not a good move.

    This will probably be a timed thing - a year after release, they'll put out "Street Fighter V - Ultimate Edition" or "Supreme Edition" or what have you and it'll be for both consoles.

    If I still purchased Capcom games I would be a little bit miffed, I guess....
    But then again, I could just buy it for pc (and also again, that is if I still purchased Capcom games)

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