It Took Six Hours For A Team To Beat Destiny's New Raid

It Took Six Hours For A Team To Beat Destiny's New Raid

Well, that didn't take long. One group of Destiny players has already gotten through the toughest content in the new expansion pack, The Dark Below.

The team, known as 'Invigorate Gaming,' posted the following stats for the new raid, Crota's End:

Their triumph over the new raid might not be surprising, given that they were the first team to beat the Vault of Glass on hard mode too. Still though. Damn! According to Bungie, Invigorate Gaming got through the new raid in six hours — which is faster than it took for people to figure out how to beat Destiny's first raid.


    Eris is friendlier than I expected, but her shaders are kinda crappy - lift your game Eris!

    I watched some of the raid live streams (up to crota) last night and it looks super fun.

    I'm sure by tomorrow, it'll be done under an hour..

      And the next day it will be completed in under an hour with only 3 guardians in a party

    Yeah as I was playing the DLC last nighy I knew that Kotaku will feature a piece about a team blitzinh through the new content the next day. Now here we are haha.

      Haha you totally did call it..

    And here I am enjoying the new content a lot more slowly, so me and the missus can play through some new stuff while we finally level up to 28 to be able to do the bloody Vault of Glass! :P

    I'm proud of our team (we don't had a fancy name or clan, just a group of mates who play every now and then). After 6 hours and 1 minute and NO looking at any guides or streams. We reached the final boss. Figuring out everything was way more fun than stressful. We could have beaten him, we figured out how to, but as it was suddenly 4am for some of us, we had to go to bed.

    Lots of fun.

    I'm still mulling over whether to get the expansion or not - any thoughts on whether it's worth it?

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