All Of This Weekend’s Big Final Fantasy XIV And XV News

All Of This Weekend’s Big Final Fantasy XIV And XV News

Between Tokyo’s Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival and the Jump Festa 2015 in Chiba, Japan, fans of the latest two numbered FF games were up to their eyeballs in new info this weekend, from a new playable race in FFXIV to the first female Cid in FFXV. Here’s a quick refresher to bring you up to speed.

First came the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival, where producer Naoki Yoshida took the stage to show off two new classes — the Astrologian and the Machinist — a new playable race in the height unbalanced Au Ra, rideable flying dragons and the Alexander raid, which takes place within the massive fortress-shaped creature.

Catch up with all the news out of the FFXIV Fan Festival here.

The eagerly-anticipated Final Fantasy XV dominated the Jump Festa, starting things off with a fresh new trailer marking the debut of Cidney (it is Cidney, not Cindy), the first female iteration of the series’ regular, Cid. The trailer also featured gameplay in lively cities and the humongous Titan summon.

Check out the new Final Fantasy XV trailer here.

Later, game director Hajime Tabata gave players a dog’s-eye view of one of the game’s cities.

All Of This Weekend’s Big Final Fantasy XIV And XV News

This made many fans wish they could play exclusively as the dog.

Check out the dog’s-eye view demo here.

During Hajime Tabata’s question and answer session, the director touched on all aspects of gameplay and features seen in the new trailer, from Cidney to the upcoming game demo included in copies of Final Fantasy Type-O for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Read Hajime Tabata’s Final Fantasy XV trailer breakdown.

Finally, for those Type-O fans in the audience, Square Enix revealed a limited edition Final Fantasy Type-O PlayStation 4, available exclusively in Japan this March.

All Of This Weekend’s Big Final Fantasy XIV And XV News

It would have been a Vita, but you know.


  • Internet commentators seem to be quick to forget and forgive Square Enix for FF XIII. Yes there looks like a bigger focus on exploration and an actual open world as well as a more traditional story, but I’m still not convinced about the real time battles being nothing more than press ‘X’ to win. It’ll look fantastic, no one doubts that, but how does it play?

    I’ll probably get it though when thr price has been knocked down a bit but there are far better RPGs coming up imo.

          • Some yes, there will always be people disagreeing with the overall opinion. But everywhere I looked people were saying the combat system was too simple and easy. Fun at times, but simple as well.

        • Of course. I myself dislike it as well, including the overall story of Kingdom Hearts (and hate Sora’s personality). However people do like it and love the Kingdom Hearts series, whereas FFXIII does something similar (but still giving you the option to make the game “harder” by doing everything manually) and is loathed for it… as well as the hallways and lack of towns, but let’s pretend those were never an issue at the moment.

    • You could say the numbered final fantasy series has a decent track record without going into mmo style nitpicking and douchebaggery… but that would require a disposition lacking today.

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