Japan Is Finally Making A New Godzilla Movie

Japan Is Finally Making a New Godzilla Movie

Weren't a fan of Hollywood's recent effort? Want to see Japanese filmmakers bring the country's most famous kaiju back to the silver screen? Well, you're in luck. Toho Studios is releasing a new Godzilla film in 2016.

The last made-in-Japan Godzilla was Ryuhei Kitamura's 2004 effort, Godzilla: Final Wars (above, pictured). Now, twelve years later, the world will get a new entry in Toho Studios' long-running series. According to Sponichi, the story and staff will be revealed at a later date, and Cinema Today reports that production is slated to begin in summer 2015. The aim is to release the movie the following year and show the picture worldwide.

Toho Studios stated that the time has come in the Japanese film industry that it can achieve Hollywood-level techniques without spending Hollywood money. Let's hope that means a nice mix of traditional special effects with newer ones. The upcoming new Japanese-produced film will not be related to the recent Hollywood release, but a totally new Godzilla.

Please have a man — or woman — in a kaiju suit. Please.

日本版ゴジラ12年ぶり製作へ!ハリウッド版に刺激「技術負けない」 [Sponichi]

日本版『ゴジラ』復活!12年ぶり完全新作映画が公開決定! [Cinema Today]

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    Weren’t a fan of Hollywood’s recent effort?

    NO. Leave the Japanese movies to the Japanese. Or if you have to make a god awful movie, at least make Bryan Cranston the main character, so there will be some entertainment, as opposed to Kickass' mediocre acting and Elizabeth Olsen's one facial expression.

    I loved Final Wars. Hopefully something that cheesy again!

      Loved it too. Best christmas eve ever when I turned on SBS and it was playing.

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