John Malkovich, Rose McGowan And Bill Paxton Star In Call Of Duty DLC

John Malkovich, Rose McGowan And Bill Paxton Star In Call Of Duty DLC

Sorry Jon Bernthal of The Walking Dead, your name didn't fit in the headline, but you'll surely be there beside Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom, Chet and Paige Matthews battling a new breed of undead in Advanced Warfare's Exo-Zombies downloadable content.

How does Activision keep getting these big stars to do dirty work in what are essentially Call of Duty back-up stories? I mean sure, the third Transformers movie proved Malkovich doesn't read scripts anymore, so he's excused, but the rest of these guys?

If I had to guess, I'd say these people are all actors and enjoy being given money for performing their craft. We'll get to see them do that in Havoc, the first instalment of downloadable content for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, due out in January for Xbox Juan and some other time for other platforms.


    I liked him in that jewel thief movie.

    Why do they expose these beautiful actors to this pile of garbage. I fear it will scare them from doing another video game voice.

      They probably never wanted to do video game voicing to begin with, but when projects aren't coming in for those actors and Activision comes to they with a cheque for a lot of cash; why would they say no?

      Everyone has to get paid.

      so with you here. we need actors of this calibre used in heavily story based single player games, not games that are here one year and forgotten the next.

      I doubt they care. They've all done garbage before, most actors have.

        Yeah but Michael Ironside had the worst script in Splinter Cell Conviction

          What's really weird is that his refusal to voice in the original Splinter Cell is what made that game great. Why would he suddenly be ok with Sam being a total asshole now?

            I hope they bring him back, but when I heard his last interview it sounded pretty finished :(

    CoD must be doing worse than we thought if they are throwing money at Hollywood actors to be in their games. You can only milk the same cow for so long...

    I'm more interested to hear if Eleni Siegman will do the soundtrack again.

    You know, I always wanted to play DLC featuring Rose McGowan, John Malkovich and Bill Paxton.

    I really like AW but mostly because they've cribbed things from the Treyarch games (pick Ten and now Zombies) and the Crysis games (the movement) that were good to begin with

    Bill Paxton! "Game over man!"

      John Malkovich: "I have a drinking problem? Fuck you Peck, you're a Mormon. Next to you, we all have a drinking problem."

      edit: youtube link

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