Kerbal Space Program Has Entered Beta

Video: With its latest update, Kerbal Space Program has entered beta, inching ever closer to a full release. 0.90.0 augments progression by including a level-up system for both Kerbals and buildings, and adds some new content like extra biomes and spaceship parts. You can watch a walkthrough of 0.90.0's contents above.


    Excellent news... Now if only my spaceships would make it into space :/

      Mine generally do, then run out of fuel, forever alone in orbit. I haven't figured out how to get to other planets yet, at least not without mechanical jeb :/

        I have sent satellites to other planets, which usually crash land. At times they survive. I need to focus on fuel efficiency and docking, then I may be able to send Krebs to the closer planets. They give you heaps of science. Science!

        After a long saga I eventually landed on Duna with a lander and rover. To do this I loosely copied other peoples successful designs. Even then there was much failure.

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          I just wanna make sick looking spaceships but then I strap on too many rockets and they usually explode on take-off hah :p

            you need to use more struts. I don't care how many you're using already. double it.

        Look into asparagus staging. It solves all problems. If you've done that... Consider changing up your launch platform from vertical to runway etc (or vice versa)

      I got very good at getting all sorts of stuff into orbit. Being efficient enough to get anywhere else, or clever enough to rendezvous with other planets on the other hand, not so much.

    I can build a space station in no time at all from multiple launches, but don't count on me to land any thing. My Kerbin has about 20 stations at various levels of construction, with different angles and directions of orbits. Leave Kerbin and all I have is a stray satellite on a very precarious orbit around the sun.

    I love this game, and have sunk way too many hours into it already, will be going back and starting from scratch again with this update, looking forward to it, thank god for the xmas break.

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