Kmart Has Also Pulled All Versions Of Grand Theft Auto IV

Kmart Has Also Pulled All Versions Of Grand Theft Auto IV

An anonymous source has informed us that in addition to removing Grand Theft Auto V, all copies of Grand Theft Auto IV — including the Episodes of Liberty city game — are being pulled from store shelves at Kmart. We have yet to confirm if Target is following suit, but Kmart representatives confirmed that all copies of all Grand Theft Auto games are being removed from sale.

We did, however speak to one Target store representative who confirmed to us that, in a group email, staff had instructed to only remove copies of Grand Theft Auto V. Our source claimed that all Grand Theft Auto games would also be removed from Target.

The source we spoke to, however, informed us that the games were being “stealth pulled”. Meaning that no statement would be sent out to press. Most likely it’s just an attempt to remain consistent with their decision to remove Grand Theft Auto V.


  • Hay cousin, let’s go completely crazy and cave to the demands of the misinformed few!
    I mean bowling

  • Maybe this is a stealth move by Sony & Microsoft to start buying digital copies at stupidly inflated prices

    • nah. They don’t collude like that. That is just how the internet thinks they work. At Xmas they would want as many physical copies on store shelves for gift shopping and the loss of sales from this for the very small extra margin on digital on the small Aussie customer base is not worth it in the slightest.

    • Change your avi from Doom Guy to Duke Nukem, start throwing around a few more quotes and innuendos!

  • Here is a seinfield quote that wraps up this controversial day in gaming
    “No soup for you”

    • Why, do you buy a lot of games from K-Mart?

      Considering how old GTA4 is, doesn’t everyone who wants it own it by now? EB will probably be discounting it in the Christmas sale if it isn’t discounted in the current sale.

      • Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m not affected by this, I have GTA V, on both gens. In fact I pretty much day one buy most of my games, cause i need them sealed. and I buy from JB.
        But its the principal of the thing, its just, so, so stupid, that a few people (sex workers at that) can bundle together and have a cry, and a store as big as Target and Kmart shit themselves and cave in.
        It makes me sick for anyone this does affect, because this will have consequences.
        If mainstream media get wind of this we are stuffed, the backlash against gamers and the rights of adults to choose thier media will take a massive hit.

  • iono, I’m still waiting for the PC version anyways… but this really sucks that someone can put a misinformed petition together like that and “force” stores to remove an item from sale.

  • GTA4? Trying to clear old inventory on moral grounds. Clever K-Mart. Next they will be saying the Australian Idol 2007 CD’s promote sexual violence so they also need to be returned to the manufacturer for a full credit.

  • Now banned from aus: all future gta games & yakuza games if they decide to ship it for English speaking audiences

  • I actually got this petition in my email. Both my girlfriend and I were baffled at the super-transparently biased wording that made it sound as though the violence in the game was exclusively aimed at women, going on with all the possible ways and weapons with which “violence against women” could be perpetrated. Obviously, it didn’t mention even once that such violence could be employed against men too.

    Whomever coined “equal opportunity violence” really nailed it.

  • Maroon 5 CDs should be banned next. Animal promotes both violence against women and cannibalism. Someone start a petition.

  • I find there is a bunch of people overreacting towards this game and these bunch of people work in packs to bully a specific target.

    Next up, chess will be off the shelves and banned because it encourages killing the king or queen.

    • Just putting this out there also; I was a force recon sniper for many, many years in Aus Army. Does this not also imply that especially with my PTSD, that all first person shooter games be removed?? Although I can’t say some of the things I’ve seen (and done), I guarantee it is a lot worse than the stylised violence against women these drongos are trying to manufacture. And even though I’ve seen and done things in the Army that has resulted in my PTSD among other things, what about any normal Joe playing these FPS games? Is that not promoting cunts to become serial killing sociopaths?? Please give me a break. These sex workers who are banding together, should themselves be banned from Kmart and target etc cos what are they themselves promoting against the very women they claim to be trying to protect?? Seems like a real bad case of the pot calling the kettle a ho bag. Lol. Rant over!

  • I wonder now that both Kmart and Target have taken the moral high ground on this one if they will happily keep the $$ that they have made from sales made over the past few years from all versions of GTA V ( and previous incarnations) or if they intend to donate this profit on to victim of crime groups

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