Kotaku Awards 2014: Console Game Of The Year

What’s our console game of year? Click on to find out…

Reader’s Choice

Dragon Age: Inquisition
This was way closer than the PC game of the year vote, but Dragon Age: Inquisition still managed to be the clear winner here.


So Destiny wins the biggest disappointment of the year, best online experience of the year and is now runner-up in our console game of the year vote. A testament to one of the strangest reactions to a video game in history.

Editor’s Choice

Alien: Isolation
No other game released this year has affected me like Alien Isolation.

Actually, scratch this. Alien Isolation might be the most intense gaming experience ever. It’s not that Alien: Isolation is ‘scary’, like Silent Hill scary or ‘jump out of your skin’ scary. In Alien: Isolation fear simply feels ‘real’. It feels legitimate. In Alien: Isolation your fears run deeper, they feel justified. The tension is otherworldly. To date, Alien: Isolation is the only video game that had me sitting in a locker, completely afraid to move. What other game has the power to do that?

Alien: Isolation is just such a brave, innovative game and when you consider its genesis — a licensed property, unproved studio — it’s incredible the game even got made. The fact that it ended up being such a phenomenal experience is nothing short of a miracle.


Mario Kart 8
The best Mario Kart since the first? Maybe. I’d argue it’s neck and neck with Mario Kart DS for that honour. Either way, that’s enough to make Mario Kart 8 my second favourite game of 2014.

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