Kotaku Awards 2014: Handheld Game Of The Year

You nominated and then you voted. Time to reveal Kotaku Australia's Handheld game of the year.

And the winners are...

Reader's Choice

Super Smash Bros. Pretty clear cut winner here with 25% of the vote.


Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire The two big Nintendo releases dominated this category, with Pokemon coming in a close second with 20% of the vote.

Editor's Choice

Super Smash Bros. It's been, in my opinion, a fairly weak year for handheld games in general. Most of my time with handhelds is spent either with Nintendo first party games on the 3DS or with indie games on the PS Vita. The game I enjoyed most on handhelds this year was probably my replay of Fez on the PS Vita, but that's a fairly old game, so it felt strange to award that as a game of the year.

Instead I'm going to run with Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS because it's the game that's come closest to making me actually understand why the Smash series is so beloved by fans. For the longest time it was completely obscured to me. This more accessible, simpler, fundamentally fun version of the game somehow managed to get its claws into me.

For the first time in years I can say that I 'get' Super Smash Bros.


OlliOlli As someone who loved Skate to an obscene level and think it's time for Wonderboy to make a comeback, OlliOlli was a game that struck several different chords in the strings of my heart. Great little game. Need to spend more time with it.


    You think Wonderboy should make a comeback. A 2D platformer. You?

    Just checking. You seem so down on them when announcing the weeks releases.

    I'd love a wonderboy come back. The first one and monster world were two of my favourite games back in the day. I'd also like an alex kidd comeback

    everyone getting that right. well done to us all.

    Dont know what it is about smash bros. I just cant get into it.

    Blazing ruby and frozen sapphire look amazing. Can't wait for nintendo to release them! ;)

    I wish the Vita was more popular come this time of year!

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